MTV Asks: Dashboard Confessional's Chris Carrabba answers fan questions!

4 September 2017
"And from the ballroom floor we are in celebration..." our icon from the 00s emo/indie rockers are here and have answered your questions!

Alternative rock band, DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL, will be hitting Singapore this week for their very first performance as a full band line-up at the little red dot on 9 September and we've got our horns ready to rock out with them!

More deets to their gig below:

Event Information
Date: Saturday, 9 September 2017
Time: 8pm (SGT)
Venue: D'Marquee, Downtown East, Singapore
Tickets are available here!

We took it to our Facebook and Instagram to get some of ya burning questions for DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL and you fans, have submitted some rather interesting questions. So, does the band like their pizzas with pineapples? DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL's frontman, Chris Carrabba, answers all of 'em below!


Where was the coolest concert experience you guys had in Asia of all the concerts you have done?
Jocel PaPart Taneo via Facebook

So far our favorite shows in Asia have been in Jakarta and Philippines but we have amazing fans in South Korea. Japan and china that we hope to play for soon.

What was the weirdest/most extraordinary thing that happened to you guys when you were performing?
Nur Amalynna via Facebook

Too many to pick from. We have a pretty weird job.

Can I give you guys' haircuts?
Mohamed Yasin via Facebook

Thank you but we just got one.

Hey guys! What is that one thing you would never do and always do when you are outside of your own country and on tour?
Maica Sotta via Facebook

When we are out of our own county we never take it for granted. We see all we can, do all we can, and meet as many people as we can.

Do you guys love Pizza with pineapples on it?
David Anderson via Facebook


If you couldn't be successful musicians anymore, what would you be doing? Been wanting to ask this question so bad!
@shania_bennington77 via Instagram

Whatever it would be I would wish I wasn't doing it so that I could do this.

What is the biggest confession you have ever made?
@steph_luv13 via Instagram

That is a bold question to ask someone you have never met. I am not sure how to answer it. But thank you so much for caring about our music

You guys have written and performed a number of soundtracks for movies. Which is the one that was the most fun to write for? (I love love LOVE 'As Lovers Go'!)
@viviantyeeee via Instagram

We also love 'As Lovers Go' but the most fun I ever have had writing a song that has been in a movie is 'Vindicated'. I knew that it would be special to me from the moment I picked up a guitar that Addy.

Get laid or get drunk? Sunrise or Sunset? And why?
@irfanintje via Instagram

Both. Both time. Why not?


Get ready to be mesmerized, hypnotized, and captivated on 9 Sep!

Event Information
Date: Saturday, 9 September 2017
Time: 8pm (SGT)
Venue: D'Marquee, Downtown East, Singapore
Tickets are available here!

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