Rita Ora tells us about working with Ed Sheeran & her "vulnerable" second album

31 May 2017
Rita Ora is back and on form. Her feel-good comeback single, 'Your Song', released last week and featured Steve Mac (One Direction, Demi Lovato) and someone called Ed Sheeran (heard of him?) as co-writers. With a long-awaited second album coming soon – it's been five years (!) since her debut – MTV sat down with Ora in a Facebook Live interview to learn more about upcoming collaborations and being sent used chewing gum in the post. (*Shudders*.)

Watch the full interview below…

Speaking about getting Steve Mac and Ed Sheeran on the new single, Rita said: "I am so excited that this is finally coming out. It's definitely been a journey in my life. The first single, 'Your Song', is really the best step forward I could have taken with this music because it's summer, which is my favourite time of the year, and it's such a simple, uplifting record.

"I was so sick and tired of hearing sad songs – (ed – Rita referencing one of the lyrics from 'Your Song' there) - so when Ed [Sheeran] wrote this song with Steve Mac, and he sent it to me, I was like: 'this is what's been missing from my album!' It was perfect timing. It was the last song I recorded on the album and recorded it in two weeks.

"[Working with Ed] is a dream. He's such a nice guy that when you're working with him there's no pressure, there's no bad vibes, it's all good. The collaboration to take 'Your Song' to the next level was so simple. I put the video up recently on my Instagram of how we all vibed in the studio […] and it was all collaborative. It was beautiful because it felt so right."

Elsewhere in the interview, Ora spoke about her long-awaited second album, revealing that Charli XCX and Julia Michaels were involved: "I wanted [the new album] to feel like a 'friends & co' album, so everyone that's featured on it is genuinely my mates that I've known for a while or new ones that I've met in the business.

"I think that the whole album has a feel of being a survivor. I've been through a lot to get my music out there, and to just do my thing."

"Obviously I had to get my girl Charli XCX on there, I also wrote some amazing stuff for the album with (ed – former MTV Push star) Julia Michaels, who I love with the song 'Issues', she's fantastic. She's also written with me in the past, but [this new track] is an amazing record called 'Keep Talking' which I love."

Head here to watch our full interview with Rita Ora.

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