Avril Lavigne 'Found A Husband' Recording 'Let Me Go'

9 October 2013
Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger have committed to one another not only in real life, but also in song. In the lead-up to the November 5 release of her self-titled album, Lavigne is teasing fans with the release of the couple's ballad, "Let Me Go."

And, if you ask Lavigne, she only has the warmest, fuzziest feelings about hitting the studio with the Nickelback frontman.

"So working with Chad was awesome because I found a husband and that was the best thing that came out of the experience," she joked to MTV News. "No, we had a great time. We really just celebrated music together and we both love writing and creating; it's non-stop. Even though the record's done now and we recorded it, like, we're always around the house coming up with new ideas and concepts. It's really inspiring."

Lavigne and Kroeger married in France over the summer after getting engaged while working together on her album last year. In addition to recording "Let Me Go" together, they also co-wrote her album's lead single, "Here's To Never Growing Up."

But, Lavigne notes the album isn't just a love letter to their romance. "The record's really diverse. I have a song with Marilyn Manson. I have a song called 'Hello Kitty.' It has an electronic feel. All the sounds and styles hit on sounds that I've touched on before and I've also experimented."

And while Chavril opted for sweet and romantic on their ballad, Avril and Manson decided to embrace the dark side.

"I have a song called 'Bad Girl' and it's one of the heavier, more darker tunes on this record," she said. "[It's] one of my favorite songs on this record. Manson and I have been quite friendly over the years and when I heard the song it kind of made me think about him. So I called him up and he came into the studio and we played each other some music. And he laid some vocals on the track and he killed it. It was definitely an honor."

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