Watch: The Chainsmokers' Alex Pall caught cheating in a CCTV footage

17 January 2018

Alex Pall, one half of EDM duo The Chainsmokers, is in big, big trouble.

Pall's girlfriend, Tori Woodward, caught him cheating and took to Instagram to expose his (probably very sorry) arse. 

"They'll look you in the eyes and tell you they love you," she captioned a video of Pall kissing another woman. "Then destroy you without a second thought."

...But Tori wasn't done yet.

The scorned ex went off on Pall in a series of following story posts, writing, "After hours of begging him for scraps of honesty I chipped away just enough to confirm that this is not the first time he's remorsely cheated on me."

"That 'psycho b*tch' from Vegas, the 'lame Instagram model' caught on video and countless others he looked me in the eyes and swore on his life he never touched..."

"Don't be that guy. Don't let your friend or brother or business partner be that guy. Basic respect for women in your life should not be such a hard standard to hold each other to," she added.

No word from Pall on his girlfriend's comments...but we're guessing he's in for one hell of a ride.


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