Rapper roundup: Dynamic Duo, Datmaniac, Flowsik, Vava and Kmy Kmo & Luca Sickta from Yo! MTV Raps episode 5

11 June 2019

Photo of Kmy Kmo & Luca Sickta, Joe Flizzow, Datmaniac, Vava and Flowsik by All Is Amazing


With the new season of Yo! MTV Raps upon us, we know it can be a little overwhelming getting to know all these talented rappers from across Asia. Rapper roundup will introduce you to each and every one of the 30+ artists on the show, helping you de-cypher your Youngohm from your YunB and your Basick from your Flowsik.

Episode five features special guests Dynamic Duo from South Korea, Datmaniac from Vietnam, Flowsik of South Korea, Vava from China, and Kmy Kmo & Luca Sickta from Malaysia!

Dynamic Duo

South Korea

Standout single: 'Hot Wings (날개뼈)'

Their name inspires awe in their fans, and fear in their enemies. Starting out in the then-nascent South Korean hip-hop scene 20 years ago, Dynamic Duo worked hard to carve their own lane, especially with their breakthrough album Taxi Driver in 2004. And now, looking back at their hard-earned success, and judging by their still-buzzing recent activity, Dynamic Duo have nothing else but to say: keep your eyes on us.

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Standout single: 'Ngày Nào'

Datmaniac was "dat guy" to film a music video in a cat shelter, simultaneously raising awareness of Saigon's Dinh Thi Kim Chi — a dedicated cat lover who turned her house into a shelter — and about cats, who are indisputably the cutest animals roaming metropolitan land who aren't dogs. That alone earns him +10000 internet points, but Datmaniac continues to be an evolving and dominant voice who won't be led astray.

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South Korea

Standout single: 'BBUNG'

He may look like a hip-hop idol you'd expect to emerge from South Korea, but Flowsik lays claim to his childhood in Queens, New York — a place where hip-hop legends like Mas and Q-Tip were born. Flowsik doesn't just live up to his name, with rapid-fire delivery that would colour old school battle rappers impressed, he's out for blood. His hunger was already demonstrated as a contestant on Show Me The Money in 2015, and now he's taking on the very best in the country, bit by bit.

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Kmy Kmo & Luca Sickta


Standout single: 'Gong Nekara'

They may not have established themselves as a heavyweight tag-team force yet, but it's clear that Kmy Kmo and Luca Sickta share an undeniable chemistry that cannot be engineered purely by pre-meditative design. Their standout hit 'Gong Nekara' tackles the motherlode of hip-hop greatness — thoughtful lyricism and flickering, hard-hitting beats.

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Standout single: '我的新衣 My New Swag'

Vava is always punching upwards and she makes sure her punches count; having been born and raised in an increasingly authoritarian China has shaped Vava's perspectives. Despite being a recognisable face as a reality TV star, having competed in The Rap of China, Vava is now earning herself international recognition, with her song 'My New Swag' landing on the Crazy Rich Asians soundtrack. She also suffers no fools, having declined her trophy for Best Female Rapper by the 2018 Global Chinese Music Awards for poor treatment. 

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Check out the other rappers in the Rapper Roundup series, below – follow them to discover lit new hip hop from across Asia. And stay plugged in to MTV Asia's YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for a whole lot more of Yo! MTV Raps.



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