Laurel vs Yanny: dividing the internet more than “the dress”

16 May 2018

Forget about image illusions: a new audio clip is setting the internet alight.

An audio clip uploaded by vlogger Cloe Feldman, posted on her Instagram story and cross-posted to Twitter: "What do you hear!?!" with options for "Laurel" or "Yanny".

The audio clip features a computerized voice saying a word that most identify as "Laurel", but a small and passionate bunch are sticking with "Yanny" (and some able to hear both).

Singer Jordan Fisher concisely explains that it's both, thanks to the way our ears pick up frequencies.

Twitter user Earth Vessel Quotes even demonstrates the effect when adjusting the clip on a sound editing app.

But, as the internet is wont to do, people have settled nicely onto their respective sides, and they're not letting this go — mostly for the potential jokes.

What do you think?


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