You can now play Animal Crossing on your mobile phone!

24 November 2017
It's FINALLY here - Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is available now for Apple and Android mobile phones.

Although we've been able to play the super cute (if occasionally super creepy) game on 3DS for some time, this is the very first time the series has come to our phones.

"Animal Crossing allows players to live a whimsical life as they interact with a wide range of other animal characters brimming with personality, decorate and expand their home and learn more about the community they are part of," says Nintendo. "In the first Animal Crossing game for smart devices, you can interact with animal friends, craft furniture items and gather resources while managing a campsite."

Pocket Camp is out now / Nintendo.

Yup, that's right - you'll be able to gather things like fruit and wood to craft new stuff for your campsite, like furniture, baskets, and plants by putting in an order to your buddy Cyrus. Or, if you'd prefer to shop than craft, some of our old friends like the Able Sisters have their stores, too. And if you think it's only a campsite, think again; you can also customise your camper van, and pop out to visit a beach, river, forest and island.

There's even a "friendship level", which goes up every time you chat or interact with one of your new BFFs. And your real life friends can also pop by for a visit.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is out now available, for free, on iOS and Android smart devices across Europe. There are some in-app purchases available, though, so be careful!

- By Vikki Blake @_vixx    


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