Sezairi shares with you his fav local musicians and his take on the local music scene!

7 September 2017

Introducing Sezairi – Our Asia Spotlight Artist for September!

This month, we are HONORED and absolutely proud to introduce one of Singapore's top musicians as our Asia Spotlight artist of the month, Sezairi!

We've got to know so much more about the humble Sezairi – from the moment he got his big break on Singapore Idol, his journey as a musician and to producing his latest single, '70s', that we can't stop won't stop grooving to.

Sezairi - 70's

Singapore's music scene is expanding rapidly with more names surfacing on other parts of the world! But, what's Sezairi's take on this? We sat down with him to chat about the Singapore's music scene and how it has evolved through the years, "When I was a teenager, rock or indie bands are we can only think of when you speak of 'local music'. But now, there are mainstream acts, independent acts, post-rock bands and also singer-songwriters!"

We couldn't agree more! What an amazing time to be in right now for up-and-rising musicians and big name local acts in Singapore! He continued saying that, "It's great because it encourages the younger generation of musicians to pick up an instrument and do what they wanna do – with the current generation of musicians paving a way for them to follow suit. Like how the generation of musicians before me have paved a way for me as well."

With a wide plethora of local music to choose from right now, we are absolutely spoilt for choices! But what are Sezairi's local favs? Save some space on your iPod/phones right now, 'coz here are 5 local artists Sezairi reckon you should listen to right now:

1. Charlie Lim

Charlie Lim is a local born singer-songwriter, musician, producer and artist, "stretched between acoustic melancholia, neo-soul, post-rock and electronic-pop". Sezairi recommended Charlie's TIME/SPACE album, which have clinched the number one spot on the local iTunes chart under an hour after his release saying, "that's a fantastic piece of work." Well, we clearly know why. Check it out:

2. Linying

Homegrown singer-songwriter, Linying, is one Singapore's fastest rising musicians, specifically in the indie music scene and have secured a deal with a US record label on 2016! One small step from Linying, one giant leap for the Singapore's music industry on the world map! Sezairi reckon Paris 12 by Linying saying, "That's an amazing album!"

3. B-Quartet

"Tomorrow Is Our Permanent Address is a CLASSIC independent local album you should listen to. That's like the formative years of my early musicianship. That album means a lot to me." This album by the six-piece indie rock band, B-Quartet, got us pretty hooked since 2008. Hit play below!

And here's Sezairi's cover of them! #Throwback2015!

4. The Sam Willows

"If you're into pop music, The Sam Willows are great!" AGREED! The Sam Willows boast a HUGEEEE fanbase in regions not only limited to Southeast Asia, but also outside of Asia including the USA and Australia! 'Keep Me Jealous', 'Take Heart' and 'For Love' have all been topping our charts as they never fail to produce hit after hit! Check out the video below as VJ Hanli interview our local band The Sam Willows, LOCAL!


Recently starred in a locally produced documentary, We Rep, THELIONCITYBOY is unmistakably one of Singapore's pioneer rappers, making a HUGE name in the local hip-hop scene. "If you're into hip-hop, THELIONCITYBOY man... You HAVE to listen to his 'Paradise' album. It's really amazing. If you haven't already watched him live, his performance will CHANGE your world. Your opinion about local musicians will completely reverse after you watch him live. If you put him together with an international act, you will not be able to see the difference!"

Watch as our Asia Spotlight artist collabs with THELIONCITYBOY in this dope song, 'All Night':

    "I'll be so glad if one day, we could finally stop using the word SCENE and instead, use Singapore's music INDUSTRY."

    - Sezairi

Who's your fav local acts? Share 'em with us on twitter @mtvasia! Share the love, fam! ICYMI, here's more of our Asia Spotlight artist, Sezairi!

How did Sezairi get his big break? Get to know more about our Sep Asia Spotlight Artist!


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