Fear Factor sneak peek: contestants eat 100-year-old-egg and surströmming!

19 December 2017
In the words of Katy Perry, bon appétit, baby.

A group of contestants will be enjoying a special meal on the next Fear Factor , and the menu features a sampling of exotic foods from all over the world. Some of the fare: surströmming (aka fermented Baltic sea herring), nattō (fermented soybeans), lard, habanero peppers and a 100-year-old egg.

"I believe you should always try [everything] once, but anything that was in that room? No," one competitor says in the sneak peek below.

Sneak Peek: Fear Sampler

So how do the contestants know which foods they'll have to ingest? A pinball-like contraption will decide, but at the last minute, host Ludacris announces there's one more delicacy to be had -- one he calls "the worst of them all." What is it? Watch the clip to find out, then catch the entire episode TONIGHT, 19 December at 8pm (SG/PH) 9pm (MAL) 7pm (WIB).

- Lance Debler

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