Why Isn't Justin Bieber In Far East Movement Video?

5 April 2012
Justin Bieber proclaims that he just wants to "Live My Life" on the hook for Far East Movement's latest track. The Dirty Bass single is a feel-good, fist-pumping anthem about, well, living your life.

The dance-music-making crew opened up to MTV News about hooking up with the "Boyfriend" singer and bringing him into their world of dirty beats and even dirtier bass.

"We got to thank him for being in our world for us," Kevin Nishimura said about the experience of hitting the studio with Bieber. "When we met with him, [it was like] 'Let's do a song that caters to that audience that's outside the Far East Movement shows going, "We can't get in, but we live that life." ' And there's that audience that's in the club popping the bottles, doing that thing, living that."

Finding that perfect balance and hooking up with the hitmaking teen wasn't hard since the guys of Far East Movement are all about music encompassing everything and everyone. In their world, there are no restrictions. "We're always about all-inclusiveness, no matter your race, your sex, whatever it be," they said. "That's the type of music we make. So with Justin, it was definitely unexpected as far as both audiences, but it makes sense."

When the guys dropped the party-themed clip for the track, which also features LMFAO, Bieber was noticeably absent from the clip. It follows both Far East Movement and LMFAO as they make their way through a European city, dancing through the streets and riding on an animal-print, double-decker bus.

"Just for the record — 'cause we've been seeing people like, 'Where is he in the video?' — he's behind the camera," Nishimura joked. "We sent him one of those party-favor cards saying, 'You are invited to the Far East Movement/Justin Bieber video shoot,' but he was working on his thing, you know. He's got a new single out, his album, so he couldn't make it. But he said, 'No matter what, I'm gonna party tonight.' So it's all love."

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