MTV Asks: Anggun shares with us her 'gorgeously produced' album and more fan questions!

16 October 2017
The ever so talented Anggun has been working really hard on her upcoming new album and she has finally dropped her new single 'What We Remember' just hours ago on iTunes (13 Oct), and fans are loving it!

Check out the insta-inspired official lyric video to her new single 'What We Remember':

The Indonesian power house took some time out of her busy schedule (with Asia's Got Talent and working on her new album y'know) to answer your burning questions! So what's her beauty secret? And what's her story behind the red beret she used to wear? Find out if she has answered your questions!

Anggun almost slipped on stage and answers fan questions! | MTV Meets

Now we know the story behind that iconic red beret! If you're curious about her upcoming new album, here are more fan questions Anggun answered!


Hi Anggun. What is your upcoming album like?
– Asep Ali Somawijaya

The upcoming album is quite rich, very condensed, filled with beautiful stories and beautiful songs. I have to say, it's gorgeously produced and modern but not trendy. It's timeless; it's not old, it's not young. It's honest.

Will you collaborate with other singers on your new album?
– Erwin Dwi Hanantoko

I actually would love to do that, and want to do that… right now I've just finished this album, and we might do that for special editions.

While you're at it, hit play to listen to her new single, "What We Remember"!

How do you feel becoming an influential artist in Asia, and how can you help young talents to reach your status and be like what you achieved?
– Mike P Canlas

I hope that what I do, or the way I do things, will inspire people to do the same. I don't think that there's only one model to make it happen. There are different ways, or thousands or probably hundreds of thousands of different ways. If your calling is singing, work on that, work on your voice. If your calling is songwriting, read lots books, listen to old songs, and work on that. No matter what it is that you do, try to be you, try to be as honest as possible, because it's actually the first thing that we see, that we hear.

You were a rocker-lady back then! Would you want to make a rock album again?
– heymattew

I don't think at the moment that it's really on my to-do list. But I have to say though, every time I do concerts, we always sort of revisit the songs in a heavier sound, and everything that has live music involved, with musicians, it always sounds stronger than what you listen to on my albums

In what language do you find it most comfortable to sing in?
– azijatka

It's most comfortable for me in Indonesia for everything. To count. To whisper. To scream. To sing. Yeah in Indonesian.

What inspires you most for songwriting or to create music?
– ewputra

What inspires me is everything; it can be a conversation I had, or a very good movie, or a very good book. It can be anything, anything that can incite emotions. And life, and people's stories. My father was a book writer; he used to say that writers are thieves. We steal people's stories and make them our own.

Any plan to make a documentary film or book about your career journey to inspire others?
– gederakha

Oh goodness. I don't know if I'm old and wise enough to make a book about myself. No, there's no plan for such a thing… yet.

I have 7 dogs and I love them with all of my heart, what's your dog and cat names? And how old are they?
– tommybaguz

The only pet I have right now is a cat! I used to have a Labrador, Max, but he passed away. My cat used to be a female named June, and then we went on vacation, and then we came back, its Juno. Things happened...

We are confused. How did that even happen?!

Comforting 🐱 #JunoTheCat

A post shared by Anggun Official (@anggun_cipta) on

Are you actually a cat person or dog person?
– eion_wibowo

To be really really honest, I am a dog person. I only love big dogs. I used to have a Labrador, so I believe that there is a heaven only for Labradors. It's the only dog who smiles, and the only dog that exists in three colours. How fancy is that?

I actually am a cat person in denial! There's something very mysterious, very irritating about a cat. But at the same time it's fun as well.

What's your current obsession?
– faqihilman

My current obsession would be trying to guess which song my daughter is trying to sing on app. Haha! I'm so late...

What is your greatest fear in life?
– rainnermarcellino

My greatest fear in life is to lose the ones I love.

Anggun, you have been to many places in the world as an international figure from Indonesia. If you are no longer a singer, what would you like to be and where would you choose to relax?
– pandduw

I'm writing more and more, not just songs but also essays. I'm more, nowadays and since a few years actually, I'm turning more and more serious into the social path of my life and I'm probably going to do more and more humanitarian missions, something that has to do with other people.


Not only are you talented Anggun, you have a heart of gold. And by the way, we need to know more about the June to Juno cat story.



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