Red Velvet suggests cat names...and more!

20 May 2017
#ReveLuv, we know you love Red Velvet, and we love you guys, so we rounded up some burning questions you guys had for your beloved ladies for them to answer! Watch on to see if your question got picked!

Here are 3 things we took home from their answers:

1) IRENE is a cereal expert (remember, always pour your cereal first!)
2) "Potato" & "Grape" are great cat names (guys, take their advice on this one)
3) WENDY loves Tteok-Bokki as much as #ReveLuv loves Red Velvet


We know you can't get enough of Red Velvet so we picked more fan questions below, see if yours got answered!

1. Do you prefer pizza with pineapple or without it?
@thotseulgi via Twitter
  • SEULGI: I like it with or without
  • IRENE: It doesn't matter
  • WENDY: I like both because with pineapple, it's sweet, and without pineapple, well...
  • YERI: But you usually like slightly sweet food too.
    WENDY: Oh, you know me well!
2. What hair colour would you guys like to try?
@joybrasil_ via Twitter
  • IRENE: I want to try light blue. During 'Russian Roulette', I wanted to try light blue but they said that my hair would melt so I couldn't do it, but I'd like to try it once.
  • WENDY: If it went wrong, our next concept would be 'shaved heads'.
    IRENE: I reject that idea.
  • WENDY: I'd like to bleach my hair and dye it light brown.
3. What's SEULGI's favourite pringles chip flavour?
@minhynug via Twitter
  • SEULGI: Original...and, if not, onion?
  • IRENE: Original? I knew it.
  • WENDY: They're all delicious
4. Who are some of the artistes you would like to get close to or have a collaboration with, and why?
Amanda Qoo Choy via Facebook
  • SEULGI: BoA. Really. As I've admired her since I was young, just the thought of standing on stage together makes me happy.
  • WENDY: I don't know if it's possible but Yoo Young Jin. I'd like to sing ' Scent of You' with him once.
  • IRENE: I hope it comes true.
  • WENDY: It's a wish.

And that's not all the questions they've answered, we saved some of the best for last! Catch Red Velvet on The MTV Show this Saturday (and every sat) at 1pm (WIB), 2pm (SG/PH), 3pm (MAL)

REPLAY: Every Tuesday 3pm (WIB), 4pm (SG/PH), 5pm (MAL)

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