What Happens When You Mix Kawaii With Metal? You Get Babymetal!

18 September 2017
Japan's track record in music has yielded some of the most interesting music ever. Just look at Pikotaro's PPAP; Japan has never disappointed us yet.

Now, they've managed to do the impossible – mixing kawaii (cute) J-pop with metal music. With bad-ass outfits, adorable dances and power vocals, the trio of girls also known as Babymetal are so weird, but in a good way.

You won't believe your ears unless you hear it, so here's Karate from their latest album. Get ready for explosive moves and loads of rocking out!

The girls have managed to win a global fanbase, going on world tours, and being recognized as one of Japan's top fusion groups. I mean, where else can you find metal groups with an extra dose of cuteness?

They have even managed to get the stamp of approval from Korn, Metallica and Red Hot Chilli Peppers, even performing on the same stage as them.

Here's a clip of Brian 'Head' Welch from Korn performing together with Babymetal on one of their tours together. Simply beautiful.

Well, I guess if they are good enough for Head, they are good enough for me!

- Michelle Ng

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