Spice Girls Reunion? Mel B Says She's 'Up For It'

16 August 2012
Now that the Spice Girls have whetted everyone's appetites for the possibility of a full-blown reunion after their triumphant Olympics Closing Ceremony performance, could it be that the fierce females that brought girl power to the world are considering a bigger-scale something?

Well, Scary Spice herself, Mel Brown, tells MTV News that she'd be totally down for it. "I mean I would love to. I'm always up for a Spice Girls reunion. But we haven't actually discussed anything like that yet," she explained. "I mean definitely, hopefully these conversations are going to happen. But I think we're all so high from the Olympics. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and it kind of reminded us of how much fun we have up onstage together."

Now seems as good a time as any to rekindle that magic. The last time the ladies got back together was five years ago for a tour in 2007, but watching them perform last weekend it didn't look like any time had passed since they came on the scene back in 1996. "I do think we looked a little bit more older and a little bit more put-together and classier," she laughed. "Compared to 15, 20 years ago when we didn't really know what was going on too much when it comes to fashion and hair and makeup and stuff. We have had our looks refined a little bit. I think we all look amazing, of course. They're my sisters. I adore them impeccably."

That sentiment seems to dispel any occasional gossip item about any infighting between the women. Scary says the ladies practice what they preach: it's all girl power all the time. "Well if we didn't talk and we weren't friends you wouldn't be able to get us all in the same room. We're friends," she insisted. "And I think it proved it that we came together and did the Olympics and stopped all the negativity that is always surrounding us that we're not friends when actually we are because between the five of us we we're the ones that decided we wanted to do this and be a part of it and make it happen."

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