5 K-pop X Western collabs you didn't know that are sick AF!

15 November 2017
It might seem that Kpop and Western music don’t share much common ground, but looks can be deceiving! They say music is a universal language, so it’s fitting to see some Western chart-toppers and Kpop idols creating sweet collabs together. And most importantly, the songs are actually not bad! Check them out:

Did you know about these 4 Kpop x Western collab?

1. 4Minute – Hate

4Minute might not exist anymore, but their songs are still some of the more bad-ass songs in Kpop. If you love deep, groovy bass and everything Skrillex-related, you need to listen to this!

2. Psy – Hangover ft. Snoop Dogg

Everyone knows Gangnam Style, but not many people know that Psy and Snoop Dogg teamed up for this trippy tune. We aren’t quite sure if Snoop Dogg is high or hungover, but the song is pretty catchy!

3. Wonder Girls – Like Money ft . Akon

Before Gangnam Style took over the world, there’s was Wonder Girl’s ‘Nobody’. Of course it didn’t really achieve the amount of international fame that Psy did, but hey it certainly got the attention of Akon.

4. JYJ – Ayy Girl ft. Kanye West & Malik Yusef

Seriously, what has Kanye West not done? He’s a musician, fashion designer, part of the Kardashians, and has even tried Kpop. Jaden Smith, please learn from Kanye.

5. Far East Movement x Marshmello - Freal Luv ft. Chanyeol & Tinashe

Far East Movement went all the way to Korea just to get Chanyeol from EXO onto their song. If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is. Both hip hop and EXO-Ls can get definitely into this.

Here’s to more crossovers in the future!

– Michelle Ng

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