Celebrating Apink’s Jeong Eun Ji: her 5 hottest solo stage performances to prep for her Singapore debut

31 May 2019


Apink's Jeong Eun Ji has one of the most beautiful voices among today's crop of K-pop idols.

She debuted in Apink in 2011, and on April 19 the girl group celebrated their 8th anniversary with the release of the song "Everybody Ready?"

Her first solo album came in 2016, with the release of "Dream" fronted by the title song "Hopefully Sky." The following year, Eun Ji released her second solo album "The Space."

Last October she released her third solo album. "Hyehwa," which she helped to write and compose, features eight tracks including the carrier song "Being There".

To promote the album, Eun Ji held her second solo concert "Hyehwa Station" in South Korea from October to November followed by her "2018 Jeong Eun Ji 1st Live in Japan ~Hyehwa~" concert in Tokyo on November 28 and 29.

And now, Eun Ji is finally bringing her concert tour to Singapore to meet Pandas.

The singing sensation will hold her "Jeong Eun Ji 1st Singapore Concert [HyeHwa]" on Sunday, June 9 at Zepp @ BigBox.

To prep for the concert, let's celebrate Eun Ji's five hottest solo stage performances:

1. "Being There" on You Hee-yeol's Sketchbook

Eun Ji has always showed solid vocal performance, especially during live shows. She performed "Being There," the title track of her "Hyehwa" album on "You Hee-yeol's Sketchbook," on October 26, 2019.

"Even before I debuted, I could easily sympathize with music and it provided me with a lot of comfort," she said about her album, according to Ilgan Sports and Korea JoongAng Daily.

She added that "since I was young, I have found comfort in music. So I wanted to be able to do the same with my music. As a result, I cared a lot about the sounds and also paid attention to bringing out particular warmth through the songs. I'm quite satisfied with the outcome. Since I don't like repeating myself, I tried to add fewer cliches."

2. "Hopefully Sky" on M Countdown

To promote her debut album Dream, Eun Ji made her comeback stage on "M Countdown" with the song "Hopefully Sky." She won her first TV music show trophy for the song on the same show on April 28. The song won Best Ballad at the 8th Melon Music Awards in 2016.

3. "The Spring" (feat. Hareem) on M Countdown

She performed "The Spring," the carrier song of her "The Space" album, on M Countdown. The track was awarded Best Folk/Blues Song at the 9th Melon Music Awards.

4. "Destiny" with Lee Seung-chul on Immortal Songs 2

The Korean TV music show Immortal Songs 2 features live performances, and in October 2019 Eun Ji and Lee Seung-chul sang "Destiny" on the programme.

5. "Throw Away" on Duet Song Festival

Eun Ji and her non-celebrity partner won on the TV show Duet Song Festival on March 27, performing "Throw Away" by Big Mama. The performance showcased the duo's outstanding vocal range.

Be sure to catch Eun Ji's next epic live performance at her "Jeong Eun Ji 1st Singapore Concert [HyeHwa]" on June 9, 2019. Tickets are priced at SGD 248, SGD 178, and SGD 118 and are available at APAC Tix. Five-hundred VIP ticket holders, selected via an electronic raffle, will even get to attend Eun Ji's sound check before the show starts!

It's gonna be Panda-monium!!!


Date & time: 7pm, 9th June 2019

Venue: Zepp @ Big Box

Ticket Prices: SGD $248, $178, $118

Buy tickets: https://www.apactix.com/events/detail/jeongeunji-2019


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