Airliftz’s ‘Call Me When It’s Over’ could’ve been mopey, but it’s the complete opposite

30 August 2018

It's almost a thing of the past, but R&B was at least once dominated by brooding, ruminating wanderers — dealing with heartbreak and the hangover with indulgence and decadence (now it's mostly just purveyors of the Soundcloud world, like NAV, or members of the OVO Sound family).

It's a well-worn formula, but one all-too easy to acquire when writing a song that will reach out to listeners over mood-driven Spotify playlists or club speakers.

But Airliftz simply doesn't have time for that — his inescapable joy was a delight in his EP Bagel, and in his new single 'Call Me When It's Over', he glistens that joie de vivre with a smooth strain of confidence.

It's a love letter set to dancefloor-friendly beats, while serving as an anthem for almost-forbidden lust, and bold strokes of swagger that overpower the what ifs that linger.

If you were completely taken by Airliftz's impressive spot on the Yo! MTV Raps cypher, this song will draw you in and leave you breathless with anticipation for his upcoming full-length album, set for release at the end of the year.

Yo! MTV Raps Cypher featuring G2, Twopee, Zamaera, Airliftz, Fariz Jabba and Joe Flizzow!


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