MTV Asks: Minhyuk has the 'sexiest' butt among BTOB + answers to fans' questions!

5 January 2018

It is finally here – BTOB has answered your questions, Melodies!

BTOB made a comeback October last year with their 2nd album Brother Act. and it is their first full-length album since Complete in 2015! Welcome back, boys! We've missed you!

We asked you guys to send us your burning questions for the boys and we've received – wait for it – more than 1000 questions! The power of MELODIES are real!

So what kind of dad will the members of BTOB be, who's the clumsiest and who has the sexiest butt (wwweewwww), read on and find out if they've answered your questions! *blushing*


What kind of food would you guys use to describe yourself, and why? - Alyssa Camille

Eunkwang: Onion because there are many layers (many charms in this case) to it.
Hyunsik: Beef because there are similarities with me and beef, more precisely protein.

What foreign language do you want to learn? - Angel

Peniel: Spanish. I used to learn when I was a kid but after coming to Korea, I forgot almost everything so I would like to try again.
Minhyuk: English because I always get amazed by Peniel when he speaks such fluent English

Who do you think is the clumsiest among BTOB? - Cheska Yvette

Changsub: It's me!
Sungjae: Changsub, for sure.

Who among the members has a bad and best when it comes to handwriting? - Christel Ausan

Ilhoon: I suppose Hyunsik's is the best and maybe Eunkwang or Sungjae's are the worst.
Eunkwang: We're all similar. No one is especially good or bad.

If you could have any superpower, which one would you choose? And why?  - Eunice

Hyunsik: Teleport! Can save a lot of time and also easily travel around.
Peniel: Me too, teleport! Lots of time saving and I can drop by my home anytime I want! 

What kind of a father will you be? - faii_can_do_it

Minhyuk: I've been influenced a lot by my dad so I would like to do it in a similar way as he has. Give freedom to my children but at the same time, make sure they're responsible for themselves.
Changsub: Well, I would also be just like the way my dad has done for me.

Because BTOB can play some musical instruments, is there any desire for BTOB to play in a band? - Fitriany Abbas

Ilhoon: There are many people out there who are absolutely better than us with instruments, and also we still have a lot to show you other than playing in them. So I would say it's pretty unlikely that we'll get on them.

If you have a chance to steal a scene from 'MISSING YOU' MV from the other member, which scene would it be and why? Thank you MTV Asia for giving us 'MELODIES' a chance to ask BTOB. Hope you will pick mine. I love you! - Jerald Bania

This time around, we actually shot the parts that everyone wanted so we're good with them.

How do you relax after a hard day of work? - Julia Lyka

Hyunsik: Sleep having sweet dreams.
Peniel: Wash up, lie down, turn on the mood lighting and apply the massage machine on my back.

Who do you think has the best fashion sense? Rank each other from best to worst. - Kat

Minhyuk: Not sure about the rank, but recently Eunkwang has been very interested in fashion. He's becoming a fashionista.
Changsub: Yes, what he wore when we were overseas was really fashionable.

Who has the most plumped butt among the members? - Kuys

Minhyuk! Wanna own them, they're so sexy.

What is the first song you will sing if one day you wake up still a man but with a beautiful female voice and why? - Mia

Ilhoon: Yoonmirae's Black Happiness 
Eunkwang: Yolanda Adams' I Believe I Can Fly, Beyonce's Listen... actually I have a lot! I often think how I would sound if I were female. It's so uncanny to be asked the question that I actually do think about from time to time.

If you find a nameless star in the sky and you got the chance to name it, what name would you give to that star? - Morina

Minhyuk: Meet this star
Peniel: not sure…
Eunkwang: Melody!
Sungjae: Yuk Sung [as per the two letters of his name]
Hyunsik: LimStar
Changsub: Silverlight
Ilhoon: B137

Has BTOB ever thought of writing song lyrics with melody for your upcoming group project? - Nurin Yusrina       

Yes, we actually talked about it. We did improvise one when we were asked on radio, but would love to do it properly next time when we are given a chance!

What is your dream vacation? Or where is the place that you really want to visit? Thank you so much. - Thantri Chan    

Changsub: Would LOVE to visit Norway. I was told I could see aurora only when the time is right and I'm dying to see it!
Eunkwang: I'd like to go to the desert. Think it won't be easy, but at the same time it will be worth it!


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