This Kpop boy group is 'prettier' than all of us and they are making their debut next year!

20 September 2017
Originally called J-Peace, Kpop boy group, New-Ace, just released their fresh batch of profile photos prior to their official debut. Check them out on their Instagram!

From left to right: Jinseo, Jion, SeungHoo, SangWook

Their striking looks have quickly caught the attention of netizens from around the world. We've seen mixed reviews from the K-fans! Some of them absolutely love the photos, and some of them are left pretty confused.

They are already gaining fans or 'stans' from these really 'pretty' promotional photos!

This should not come as a surprise for K-fans as a lot of the male idols wear make up as well. Sometimes the boys are so pretty, you start questioning your own masculinity. WHY do these boys look so good?

Tell us what ya think, K-fans! Are you a New-Ace stan now? And who is your New-Ace bias? Share 'em all on our twitter @mtvasia!

Right now, we are just waiting (very impatiently) for their music to debut in January 2018!

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