MTV Asks: G.E.M. answers fans questions and says she seldom has pizza!

2 December 2017
It's time to Get Everybody Moving this December 'coz our homegurl and Asia Spotlight alumnus, G.E.M., is back with a 2-part music documentary G.E.M.: 'G-FORCE' and you'll be the VERY FIRST peeps to catch it on TV!
G.E.M.: 'G-FORCE' gives an intimate access to G.E.M.'s life, and her story like never seen before. Follow G.E.M. as she shares her journey to superstardom from an ordinary teenage girl from Hong Kong to a Mando-pop powerhouse that we know today!

G.E.M. - Feel G.E.M.'s G-FORCE only on MTV Asia!

Catch the premiere of G.E.M.: 'G-FORCE' (Part One) on 3 December, Sunday at 9:30PM (SG/PH) 10:30pm (MAL) 8.30pm (WIB) and Part Two of the documentary will premiere on 10 December, Sunday at 9:30PM (SG/PH) and 10:30pm (MAL) 8:30pm (WIB)!
G.E.M. needs no introduction. But if you are new to the G.E.M.FAM, then here are some fun facts you might not know about our queen of hearts.

To gear up for the premiere of G.E.M.: 'G-FORCE', we took to our Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and passed the mics over to you guys to interview and ask G.E.M. anything you want, and G.E.M. answered! Find out if she has answered your questions below!


1. Are you preparing for your next album?
- by @Sammihasnocreativityleft
For me, making an album is like doing a puzzle with 33000 pieces.  So yes, I have always been collecting pieces of the puzzle. But it takes a lot of time and effort, and you can't rush it. ;-P

2. What actually inspired you to start building up GEMiracle Foundation? Any story behind it that you would like to share with us?
- by @kelly_ng0817
I have always been hoping to give the world a little bit more love through my music. But over the years, I have come to realize that music isn't the only way. I feel so grateful to have what I have now, and I hope to do my best to love the people around me, and to make good use of my influence to inspire the young generation to be more involved in making the world a better place together.
3. What songs are you listening to recently?
- by @cheesedog0729
Sia's latest Christmas album is extremely interesting! And also, P!nk's latest album is dope too!

4. What are 5 unique qualities that define you the most as an ordinary person?
- by mousymoose2016
1) I think I have a very simple heart. 2)  I am a very determined person. 3) I am faithful. 4) I am joyful. 5) I could be very emotional but also very rational.
5. What's the biggest achievement you wish to accomplish in the future and last but not least, what can I do to help you make that big dream come true?
- by @Karottia
To be honest, the concept of "the biggest achievement" doesn't exist in my mind. At this stage of my life, I don't look to achieve anything; I just want to love everyone around me and to Get Everybody Moving to love. My daily goal now is just to try my very best to love. It's really hard sometimes: for example, when you may be facing different challenges, a simple act of being patient or being in control of your temper could be difficult at that moment. I guess what I want to see at the end of the day is a united world. You definitely can help by "going home and loving your family". ;-)

7. What do you think about long distance relationships?
- by @_amber0710_
Well, very tough. But love always hopes. Love never fails :)

8. In one of your concert you said King Of Hearts, I know you are Queen Of Hearts, but who is King Of Hearts
- by @brigitta_liu
Jesus is my King of Hearts.
9. What advice can you give to us when we feel lost about life and/or our future paths?
- by @leon.c.chan
Don't be afraid of getting lost. Seek, and you shall find!
10.  What do you suggest for 14-year-olds who love music and singing? And what can I do to deepen the field of music?
- by @steffany_faustine
Watch YouTube 5 hours a day and learn from the singers whom you like. That was what I did back then when I was 14. I have done it for years ;-)
11. When is the "Queen of Hearts World Tour DVD" coming out? Can't wait to have it!
- by Zhaoxuan Ng
Come watch my concert live first, hahaha!

#QueenOfHearts #HongKongColiseum #Grateful #BestCrowd #BestTeam #Finale #ThankYouForEverything

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12. When do you want to get married?
- by Derek K F Lee
Well, the beauty of life is that you can't plan when beautiful things will happen.
13. Pineapple on Pizza? Yes or no?
- by Andrew Ong
It is yummy, yes. But I seldom have pizza. LOL.
14. Love or Career?
- by Lovely Catherine Paronda
Love. Without a doubt. My career is about Getting Everybody Moving TO LOVE. 
15. Where do you see yourself in 20 years and will you really retire from the industry if you have your own family by then?
- by Katherine Cruz
First, I am 99.9% sure that in 20 years, I will have my own family already, LOL. But it doesn't, and shouldn't, conflict with what I do now. Rather, I am sure that having my own family would inspire me to create more music that is alive. In 20 years' time, I see myself living passionately and carrying this passion for life in everything that I do. :)


Catch the premiere of G.E.M.: 'G-FORCE' (Part One) on 3 December, Sunday at 9:30PM (SG/PH) 10:30pm (MAL) 8.30pm (WIB) and Part Two of the documentary will premiere on 10 December, Sunday at 9:30PM (SG/PH) and 10:30pm (MAL) 8:30pm (WIB)!
Watch: Fall in love with G.E.M. with our Asia Spotlight: G.E.M. playlist here:

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