Ed Sheeran is back on tour in Singapore with spirits high at first show after bicycle accident

12 November 2017
Ed Sheeran did not waste a second on stage after six long weeks of recovery from his fractured arms and he was simply sensational – and we aren't that surprised at all tbh.

Sheeran has spent most of his 2017 traveling the world for his colossal ÷ (Divide) tour, and his bicycle accident on Oct 16 last month forced him to reschedule his shows in Taipei, Osaka, Seoul, Tokyo and Hong Kong. His concerts mostly feature him front and center with nothing but his guitar and a few microphones, as he does not – or rarely – uses a backing band. So we totes understand his heavy-hearted decision to cancel the shows. We wanna see him kill it on the guitar LIVE fo' sho'.

But well, well, well. Look who's back to conquer a rowdy crowd of more than 10,000 with his first of his two sold-out shows in Singapore!

Sheeran took the stage and brought down the house with 'Castle on the Hill', sharing his excitement of being back on stage, "You may or may not know­­," he said, "but about six weeks ago, I broke both my arms and this is my first show back. I have to say I've never been in the situation whereby I've not been able to play music, and it was the most depressing six weeks of my life and I'm so happy to be back here."

Oh yes, you will definitely know if Teddy is excited. He was totally vibing' to his own tunes, leaping across the stage, and hyping the crowd to sing along! You could see sheer joy emanating from him and us Sheerios can't help but break into our "dad dance," as Ed encouraged: "I want to implore everyone to do their worst dance and just enjoy yourself!" And of course, the crowd danced along as he busted out one of his biggest smashes 'Don't' from his second album, X (Multiply), with a smooth transition to New Man from his latest album ÷.

One of the highlights of the night was Sheeran's last song before his encore as he got the crowd roaring and singing along to one of our favs from X, 'Sing', before he hopped back on stage again with 'Shape Of You'; (we went cray on that), and closing the show on a high note – a classic from his first album + (Plus), 'You Need Me, I Don't Need You'.

Ed Sheeran has had a huge year and to top it all off, he has recently dropped a new wicked collab, 'Boa Me' with Fuse ODG and Mugeez. Not forgetting a fresh new 'Perfect' music video out Thursday (9 Nov), which has been topping our charts on Chart Attack.

In a recent interview with Augustman, Ed Sheeran teased us with deets on his next album, "It's not much, but I have a rough outline of it ­– about nine songs that I really love." And he joked "I've got two more mathematical albums to go." What a cutie…

We're so glad to see you back on stage, doing your thing and killing it on the guitars, Teddy. We are stoked and waiting impatiently for your next album drop! Could it be '–' (Subtract)? Sheerios, tell us your thoughts on our twitter @mtvasia and listen to the playlist of his set-list below to get you pumped on your way to the gig!

- Vivian Eu
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