Warning: Adam Lambert’s New Single, ‘Ghost Town,’ May Give You An ‘Eargasm’

22 April 2015
Adam Lambert has finally released his latest single, “Ghost Town,” a dark pop track that’ll make you want to dance.

So basically, it’s great.

The former “American Idol” contestant dropped the first single off his third album, The Original High on Tuesday (April 21), along with a lyric video, showing off a haunting new side that brings an unexpected mix of sounds.

The song, which was produced by Max Martin and Shellback, starts simply with a slow moody guitar strum. It picks up at the chorus with a heavy deep house beat and a spooky whistle.

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The singer makes various references to Hollywood and how it “sold out,” leaving his heart in a “ghost town.”

“Died last night in my dreams / Walking the streets of some old ghost town / I tried to believe in God and James Dean / But Hollywood sold out,” he sings.

“The first single feels like the perfect introduction to The Original High,” he recently told HungerTV about his album out June 16. “It establishes itself in a very earthy, vulnerable way and transforms into a hypnotic dream full of surreal imagery and set to a minimal yet massive deep house beat. The hook will worm its way into your ears after the first listen. Get ready!”

So what do the Glamberts think of the new song?

Well, first, it gave them chills.

Then they listened to it over and over again.

Which caused them to dance.

And led to an addiction.

Which ended with one fan having a full on “eargasm.”

You know it’s a hit when you can do that.

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