Taylor Swift's 'End Game' video is out and here are some hidden messages according to fans

12 January 2018
Taylor Swift's highly anticipated music video for 'End Game' finally made its grand debut just hours ago!

This morning, Good Morning America debuted the trailer for Taylor Swift's 'End Game' showing the superstar throwing a massive party with Future and Ed Sheeran. Fans also speculated that enemy Katy Perry will make a cameo in this video.

Sorry to disappoint you guys if you're hoping for their friendship to rekindle โ€“ Katy Perry was nowhere to be found in the music video.

Taytay's 'End Game' video is not as deep compared to all her previous music videos from her latest album Reputation. 'End Game' shows the superstar globetrotting and partying it up with her squad โ€“ a yacht party in Miami with Future, Karaoke session in Tokyo with cutie Ed Sheeran, and a champagne-filled house party in London? Where's our invitation, Taytay?

Anyhoo, watch!

As usual, a new taytay video = hidden messages. If you're having a hard time fishing them out, fret not. Swifties got you covered.

Swifties are a pro when it comes to digging out some easter eggs and hidden messages in all her music videos โ€“ just like the 9 juicy fan theories for '...Ready For It?'

So what's buried underneath all those fireworks, parties and neon lights? Read on for some interesting fan theories!

1. All that snake references...

2. Shade โ€“ thrown!

3. Oh hey! More old Taylors!

4. And more number 13!

Is this what its all about โ€“ mistaken her as Katy Perry?!

What cha think Swifties? We'll just leave this gif of Taylor Swift winking at us right here and wait for more juicy fan theories from you guys. Keep 'em coming!

- Vivian Eu
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