Four rising artists from SE Asia + Australia competed in Project Aloft Star finals. And the winner is...

23 October 2017
This year's Project Aloft Star, Amplifed by MTV has reached the finals season! The annual singer-songwriter competition aims to find the next up-and-coming stars in three regions and give their musical careers a boost with a USD$10,000 cash prize and a Believe Distribution Services deal for marketing, distribution and mentorship.

This year, the competition is divided into three clusters: Southeast Asia + Australia, South Korea and Greater China, with each cluster having their own finals. Last Friday, 20 October, Project Aloft Star judges watched the final four Southeast Asia + Australia acts perform live at Aloft Perth, and crowned their winner for 2017.

But before we tell you who won, here's a quick rundown (in alphabetical order) of our four finalists who rocked the stage at Aloft Perth. Check out their music to discover your newest fav rising star!

Coin Banks

Coming back from a short hiatus, Perth rapper Coin Banks makes his comeback with Project Aloft Star! Having achieved an unparalleled run with the release of his 'Heads' & 'Tails' EPs, Coin Banks has been busy creating new music and developing his style. He has established himself as an exciting new voice in hip-hop, fusing the classic and contemporary.

Coin Banks first found fame in 2015, when he became the most played artist on Triple J's Unearthed station, which eventually led him to be nominated as their artist of the year. Coin Banks has both national and international tours under his belt, supporting Cypress Hill, BIG KRIT, Illy, 360 and Seth Sentry, and even performed in Singapore as part of the Music Matters festival. Balancing national tours and writing new material, Coin Banks is back with a truckload of new music to release throughout 2017. Here's one of them:

Francis Roman

Francis Roman, 20, is a self-taught musician and songwriter. The Malaysian student is pursuing his dreams by making music and writing lyrics, hoping to be like his all-time favourite rapper, Eminem. Roman started rapping at 12, doing covers and rewriting some famous rappers' songs before he lost interest a couple years later. When Roman was researching the history of hip-hop culture, he found out that rapping was a big part of hip-hop. Roman started to recall his rapping days, and realised that he loved rapping because it was a unique way to express his feelings and style.

So Roman got back into rapping, and started to write his own lyrics and make his own original music, and even got featured by rappers from all over the world. His life now is all about music and rapping. This is who he is. He is happy when he is making music, no matter what people think of him. Show him some support and check out his raps.

Mr HeadBox

Mr HeadBox is an independent singer who attracted much attention on social media in Indonesia in mid-2017. He started out in 2016 posting covers on Instagram and YouTube because he loved singing. When he uploaded his first original music video entitled "YOUNG", Indonesian netizens loved it, making it go viral. The song has taken him to several well-known TV stations in Indonesia as a guest star. He wears a box over his head, kind of like Deadmau5 and Marshmello, but in his own endearing and slightly mysterious way.


Staygold is a Thai DJ and music producer who is passionate about music, art, fashion and dance. His passions eventually led him to leave his career with one of the top music labels in Thailand (GMM Grammy) as a dancer. Staygold created a cover dance group, winning the world championship competition in Korea in 2013 with the group named MILLENIUM BOY. Staygold was even recruited to be trained in Korea to make his debut in a boy band, but he rejected it to follow his real dream to be a DJ & music producer.

It has been two years since then, and today Staygold creates electronic music, and has produced music for many famous artists in Thailand. His song "MAMAYE" made him a finalist in Project Aloft Star, and who knows where else this tune and his creative approach will bring him!

At the finals held on Friday at Aloft Perth, the judges watched each performance and finally declared Mr HeadBox the winner of Project Aloft Star 2017 for Southeast Asia + Australia. The mysterious Indonesian artist, who hails from the city of Balikpapan on the island of Borneo, shared his feelings shortly after the announcement:

“I’m feeling so happy! This was so unexpected and we never thought we would have won. How I feel now is beyond words. I want to say thank you to Aloft Hotels and MTV Asia. I am so grateful to be here. Everything about this journey has been amazing!”

Congratulations to Mr HeadBox once again! Next up are the finals for South Korea and Greater China, so stay tuned to! Tell us which Project Aloft Star finalist you are rooting for on our Twitter @mtvasia, hashtag #AloftStarMTV!

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