MTV Asks: Niall Horan Answers Your Questions And What He Orders At Mcdonalds!

21 July 2017
If you've watch last week's episode of The MTV Show on Saturday (15 July) at 2:30pm SGT, you'll know that we've got a very special interview with a special guest, NIALL HORAN!

Niall Horan has been hopping around Asia to promote his new single, 'Slow Hands' and while he popped by Singapore, we managed to grab him for a short interview to answer all your burning fan questions and, guess what? We're back with the answers!

So... What does he order in Mcdonalds? And what's his favourite thing about creating solo music? Here's what Niall Horan has to say!

MTV Asks: Niall Horan Answers Fans Questions & Fav Thing From McDonalds | The MTV Show

Because we just can't get enough of Niall Horan, we've got more questions answered here! Check if he selected yours!

1) 3 words to describe your upcoming album. by Amelia Muhlisa

Relaxed. Musical and... Nice?

2) What or who has inspired you to continue to reach for the stars and chase bigger dreams? Any advice for your fans? by Brianna

I don't think there's a manual for this (for what we do). But I know when I was younger I look up yo certain people (which I still do. I'm quite driven in general, so when I knew I wanted to succeed, I never gave up on anything. And, don't give up!

3) If you could date any Disney princess, who would you choose & why? by Courtney Thomas

Elsa! From frozen!


4) What song comes to your mind if you were to describe your life and persona through it? by Disha Goel

Dancing in the moonlight! It's my favourite song of all time!

5) What rituals do you still follow before going to the stage? Anything in specific? by Khushboo

I do like to warm up before I go on stage. I steam my throat before I go on. Maybe there are rituals that I do that I wouldn't know. OH! I tend to put on aftershave, or something like that even though you guys can't really smell me from afar!

6) What is your favourite thing about Katy Perry? by S Janani Megan

How she has held it together for 10 years, and so bubbly all the time! She's the same off and on camera, she's a great artist! She's just an all-around great person!

7) What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently? And what is the one habit you are proudest of breaking or want to break? by Salina Yusoff

One habit I used to have was I used to sleep all day. But now, i've been waking up early and making most of my day and i'm enjoying that.

8) If You Could Bring One Musician Back From The Dead, Who Would It Be And Why? by Tria pandu

No brainer- Frank Sinatra. I would love to meet him and have a whiskey, and chat with him!

9) When and where is your favorite time to write music? by Tyler

There's no particular time. I tend to write my best when i'm NOT trying to write. If it's intentional, it could be a little too much. My best songs were written when I was sitting down, watching the TV at home.

We can't stop swooning and you're such an ultimate cutie. Watch his music video to Niall Horan's 'Slow Hands' and prepare to get serenaded:


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