The best of April Fools pranks on social media

2 April 2018

Every year, we sense it coming — and yet, certain headlines get the better of us.

Perhaps it's wishful thinking that we were looking forward to an actual chocolate Whopper — and we're still hoping for a real all-cat K-pop group — but the stories that come out of the "fake news" holiday are always worth a laugh.

The internet has kept us on our toes, so more often than not, we're constantly on the lookout for the headlines that immediately stand out — and the ones that provide a rude shock out of nowhere. Here are some that we fell for (and fell in love with).

Google's Bad Joke Detector

Well, this is something we find appealing. Google announced a Bad Joke Detector, and if it wasn't April Fools, it wouldn't entirely be a surprise, considering the company's innovative apps and products over the past few years.

Nonetheless, the company found time to add a dose of light humour with an announcement video definitely worth watching.

Nasi Lemak Smoothie

A good one by Boost Juice Bars Singapore, we're glad this is merely a prank and not an actual thing. With the Nasi Lemak-themed food craze in full swing over the past year — the Nasi Lemak Burger is dearly missed — the Nasi Lemak Smoothie seemed like a logical, if not revolting, progression.

Astute users would also spot that the smoothie was advertised to contain "cooked rice" mixed with "sorbet & ice" and "chili flakes". No, thanks.

Cadillac vinyl playback

Prestige car brand Cadillac teased the "latest" feature on their luxury line of cars: in-built vinyl playback.

While vinyl records in a moving vehicle has been explored in the past, it proved to be an engineering challenge, and it never really took off — especially with the advent of cassette tapes. But with vinyl sales growing every year, this didn't seem too outrageous.

Pokemon NO

Even after its explosive debut in 2016, Pokemon Go has maintain a loyal and unyielding user base. On April Fools, fans were greeted by the villainous Team Rocket, who had "hacked" Pokemon Go's official Twitter account.

The cherry on top was a new feature announcement for the mobile game with "cutting-edge" 8-bit graphics. Retro.

Burger King's Chocolate Whopper

Fast-food giants have been on top of their social media game for a while now — see Wendy's — and Burger King's April Fools gag didn't have users fooled, but it did leave us wondering if this could be a good idea after all.

Meanwhile, check out the April Fools stories from our own team — Drake's "retirement" tour, a cassette-friendly iPhone, and K-pop as performed by cats.


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