T-Rex roars into Laneway 2017

7 January 2017
Perhaps the most obscure band on this year's Laneway roster, T-Rex have yet to even release a proper album. Yet the impact of their live shows is quickly gaining attention, along with the diversity of their musical influences, from math rock to jazz. MTV Asia had a quick chat with the up-and-coming quartet. Check out their first single, Protoplast, below.

MTV: T-Rex is made up of members from Anechois, Sphaeras and Amateur Takes Control. What makes you guys want to form this “superband”? Is each individual still active in the respective bands?

T-Rex: The band was formed by our drummer, Junaidi, initially for a final-year exam in LaSalle. The chemistry was incredible and intense (and it still is) during our first few practice sessions. Inevitably, things started to get serious and hence, the birth of T-REX.

The band is playing a major festival despite not having an official single out. Tell us more about this paradigm shift where DIY work ethics and power live shows are shaping the way the band progresses in your career.

We think its super-cool that major festivals are more accepting to independent acts. It shows the quality and appeal that indie/underground artistes have to offer for the masses. More opportunities for local acts can only be a good thing. We can consider ourselves fortunate, taking it one step at a time and relishing these opportunities.

See that a lot of local acts are being snatched up by major labels left, right, centre. Will T-Rex ever consider signing to one if given the chance?

If given 100% creative freedom, then most definitely yes.

Any plans for a full length or an EP? More touring in the works?

We've wrapped up our 4-track EP titled 'Volume 1' which will be released in January 2017 in digital and limited copies on vinyl. Our single titled 'Protoplast' will be out by Christmas.

Which act do you most look forward to catching at Laneway 2017?

Our local acts Sam Rui and Astreal. Nao, Tycho, Wednesday Campanella.

BONUS ROUND FOR T-Rex: Why do you guys name yourselves T-Rex knowing that there's already a famous glam rock band fronted by Marc Bolan called T.Rex?

With all due respect to T. Rex and the late Marc Bolan, we were never listeners of glam rock, nor did we know the existence of the original T.Rex band, (we did only after we heard some hoo-hah about it). Our band name was inspired by the dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex from the movie 'Jurassic World' due to its bombastic, intense and uneasy nature, which are the foundations of our music. We did think about changing it, but we're so bad at names. Hence, T-REX, RARRRRR

Catch T-Rex live at Laneway 2017 in Singapore on January 21. Want to win tickets? Visit www.mtvasia.com/mtvlaneway for deets!

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