CL, Afgan, Slot Machine and The Sam Willows are set to perform at Hyperplay

6 June 2018

ICYMI: Hyperplay is the first-ever ASEAN esports & music festival, taking over Singapore Indoor Stadium on August 4 & 5 in a gaming and concert extravaganza.

Four fab artists for MTV Spotlight @ Hyperplay were announced today: set to perform on August 4th are Korean superstar CL and Singaporean pop group The Sam Willows. On August 5th, gracing the stage will be Indonesian pop idol Afgan and Thai rockers Slot Machine.

Aaaaand, there's more to be announced in the coming weeks, so check back soon to see who else is performing!

Held in conjunction with Riot Games, the creator of iconic game League of Legends, Hyperplay will bring together youths from all 10 ASEAN countries to compete in tournaments of the addictive multiplayer game. Each country's team will have previously emerged on top in their own nation's qualifier matchups.

Here's a full rundown of the first four artists performing at Hyperplay:


Performing on: August 4th

Dubbed "Asia's Baddest Female", and with good reason, CL is a rapper, vocalist, dancer and songwriter who has evolved from a K-pop star to the frontlines of Asian pop culture within mere years. Just a few months ago she performed at the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Korea – how cool is that?

First guesting on a Big Bang song in 2007, CL took charge as the lead rapper of 2NE1 two years later, not long before debuting her solo hit 'The Baddest Female' in 2013.

It became the launchpad for a fierce, uncompromising and charismatic artist who has collaborated with Skrillex, Diplo and Lil Yachty.

CL - Lifted

Slot Machine

Performing on: August 5th

Thailand loves their rock music, and Slot Machine stands at the very top of that pack.

A four-piece that has captivated audiences across Asia for their stirring rock anthems and poignant narratives, their music was made even more accessible with their first-ever English-language album, Spin The World, released in 2016.

Since their inception in 2000, Slot Machine — who were also an MTV Asia Spotlight artist — have always aimed for the head and heart with their music. Being the hometown heroes they are, in 2017 the band headlined a show at the country's largest indoor concert venue, Impact Arena. Take a chance with Slot Machine and it'll be hard to lose.

Slot Machine - And We Go


Performing on: August 5th

Oozing charisma and charm at every turn, Afgan is Indonesia's crooning heartthrob, and he's no stranger to the Asian pop scene.

A bonafide celebrity in his home country, and a burgeoning talent across the region, Afgan's journey as a recording artist has been rife with chart-topping hits and a rapidly-growing fanbase, as well as being a judge on X-Factor Indonesia.

Afgan last released SIDES in 2016, an engaging pop album that took him across Southeast Asia to promote. And in February 2018, he collaborated with musicians Isyana Sarasvati and Rendy Pandugo to create a Heaven, celebration of love that oozes romance.

Afgan - Love Again

The Sam Willows

Performing on: August 4th

No name in modern Singapore music is as ubiquitous as The Sam Willows.

Armed with sizzling pop hooks and plenty of charm, the Singaporean pop sensations have been admirably active since 2012, fine-tuning their signature upbeat sounds with folk guitars, saccharine synths and climactic EDM breakdowns.

The four-piece know just how to turn up a party when necessary, while never forgetting to explore the complex emotions that come with navigating life — which results in music that's perfectly energetic for the live arena, and a natural fit for Hyperplay.

The Sam Willows - Robot

Hyperplay hits Singapore Indoor Stadium on August 4th and 5th. Get your free passes while you can at!

Here's a neat playlist for you to get properly acquainted with our Hyperplay artists!


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