Rapper roundup: Bhad Bhabie, Basick, Chanmina, FIIXD, Laze and Alif from Yo! MTV Raps episode 4

28 May 2019

Photo of Basick, Chanmina, Joe Flizzow, FIIXD and Laze by All Is Amazing


With the new season of Yo! MTV Raps upon us, we know it can be a little overwhelming getting to know all these talented rappers from across Asia. Rapper roundup will introduce you to each and every one of the 30+ artists on the show, helping you de-cypher your Youngohm from your YunB and your Basick from your Flowsik.

Episode four features special guest Bhad Bhabie from the USA, Alif from Singapore, Basick of South Korea, Chanmina from Japan, FIIXD reppin' Thailand, and Laze from Indonesia!

Bhad Bhabie

United States

Standout single: 'Gucci Flip Flops'

Forget her viral past; forget "Cash me ousside how bout dah": Bhad Bhabie has proven herself worthy of the game. With millions of followers watching her every move online, Danielle Bregoli spits sleek rhymes like it's charity for us normies. From perfectly-tuned guest spots in YG and Kodak Black to her own developing vocabulary that prizes the word "bich", Bhad Bhabie takes the haters on a ride they'll never forget. For us fans? We're sitting back and enjoying every minute of it.

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Standout single: 'Buat Selamanya'

He may only be turning 30 this year, but Alif counts over decade of experience in showbiz and his native music scene. Formerly one-half of domineering hip-hop duo SleeQ, Alif is now striding on his own, traversing modern hip-hop with a laid-back demeanour and a generous outlook on collaboration — his latest with rapper/producer extraordinaire SonaOne is a breezy anthem for the ages.

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South Korea

Standout single: '만보기 Manbogi (ft. Mckdaddy)'

As co-owner of hip-hop label All Right Music, Basick has made his mark in the country's constantly-evolving scene of hip-hop. And yet he continues to position himself as an emerging talent, and a fresh face that stands out in a crowd of imitators. He was once offered to be a member of BTS, so that should tell you about his instant likeability.

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Standout single: 'I'm A Pop'

The rare gem in Asian hip-hop with almost flawless trilingual skills, Chanmina has worked her way up with an admirable hustle. With tracks rapped in English, Korean and Japanese, Chanmina has shown she has the skillset to draw a massive international fanbase. She may not be there yet, but she's kicking ass, taking names, and securing starry-eyed fans along the way, one step at a time.

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Standout single: 'อย่าไป'

His Instagram name boldly (and loudly, in all caps lock) declares "DREAMS COME TRUE". It certainly embodies the audacious attitude — and the rewards he's reaped — of FIIXD. Having produced hits on his own, along with regular collaborators Youngohm, Diamond and more, Fiixd is part of a generation of hungry young talents who have no qualms grasping Thai hip-hop by the throat.

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Standout single: 'Budak'

Breakout names like Rich Brian made the world pay attention to the combustible hip-hop scene of Indonesia, but rappers like Laze show that the talent was there all along. Having been in music for over a decade, Laze is the rare breed of rapper who doesn't just remember his roots, he incorporates them as an unshakeable element of his work. Throwing scathing and sharp social commentary at his listeners, he's never afraid to explore nuance.

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Check out the other rappers in the Rapper Roundup series, below – follow them to discover lit new hip hop from across Asia. And stay plugged in to MTV Asia's YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for a whole lot more of Yo! MTV Raps.



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