Watch & stream the 2019 One K Concert featuring CLC, Dreamcatcher, ASTRO, SF9 and more!

25 March 2019

Yes, it's true: the 2019 One K Concert's lineup is staggering, and now you can watch the entire concert – more than two hours of music – on MTV Asia!

Hosted by ASTRO's Cha Eun Woo and gugudan's Kim Sejeong, the concert features Ha Sung Woon, DreamCatcher, CLC, April, Oh My Girl, ASTRO, SF9, (G)I-DLE, Baek Ji Young, Cheetah, Jung In, Ali, SONAMOO, KARD, A Train to Autumn, TRCNG, Duetto, amongst other prominent and burgeoning names, all performing in front of a diverse and spirited audience.

The One K Concert is a commemoration of a pivotal chapter in South Korea's history.

Known as the March 1st Movement, it was a defiant display of Korean resistance against Japanese colonial rule in 1919. One hundred years later the One K Concert takes the baton and runs with a kaleidoscopic show that speaks the country's musical language: K-pop.

With an event marking a tumultuous and resonant part of South Korea's past, it's highly symbolic of the country's love for creative expression that they chose to celebrate it with a pop concert.

While all acts brought their A-game, it was arguably DreamCatcher that were a show-stopping force — decked out in an all-white ensemble, with a striking green background that added a forceful contrast, the seven-piece group finessed all the way through with anthemic punk rock aggression of 'PIRI'.

It was also the good-natured effervescence of ASTRO that kept fans swooning and screaming every word of 'Baby', a song for the endless summer days everyone pines for.

While K-pop remains a staunchly modern music genre, two acts turned the dial on the proverbial time machine with creativity: APRIL and their catchy synth-pop that bursts with neon 80s energy, while SONAMOO's 'I (Knew It)' has playful acoustic guitars and sharp hooks that brings to mind the best of 2000s pop — think early Justin Timberlake.

CLC, riding off the huge success of their latest single 'No' — a song that stands in defiance against society's stereotypical beauty standards — commanded the attention of all 8,000 concertgoers.

Now's your chance to catch the 2019 One K Concert in full – for the first time for fans in Southeast Asia, MTV Asia is broadcasting and streaming the event this Tuesday, March 26th. Catch it on the channel at 9:40pm (SG), 10:40pm (MY), 8:40pm (WIB). Or stream along with us on our Twitter at 9:50pm (SG/MY/PH)!


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