5 Kpop Idol Rappers Who Are As Talented As Underground Rappers

6 October 2017
Some people argue that idol rappers were trained to just rap for the songs that they are given, and are not considered 'proper rappers'. To be acknowledged a true rapper, they claim, you must be able to freestyle rap, and have a certain swagger. If you're a rapper from an idol group, you're out.

Although some idol rappers had the 'rapper role' in their group forced onto them, some are good enough to be considered proper rappers! In fact, some even started out as underground rappers before joining their groups, and are skilled at writing and producing songs. If you've been following Kpop, you probably would've heard songs written and produced by these so called 'idol rappers'.

Here are 5 idol rappers who don't deserve all the shade thrown at them.

1. Mino from Winner

Mino started out as an underground rapper, along with other underground-turned-idol rappers like Zico, P.O. and SIMS, before he joined Winner. A lot of people didn't like Mino on survival reality show 'Show Me The Money 4' for his controversial disses, but you have to admit that this guy can hold a powerful rhythm. And come on, disses are all part of hip-hop history.

2. Zico from Block B

Zico might be the leader of idol group Block B, but is also one of best producers and hip-hop artists around. His raps are super smooth with a great sense of rhythm and good lyrics (going to leave Tough Cookie out of this one), and he has also written a lot of Block B's hip-hop songs. His freestyle raps are no joke either!

3. Bang Yong-Guk from BAP

This guy was pretty much born for hip-hop, so I don't really know what he's doing in BAP. Bang Yong-Guk was doing quite well in the underground rap scene under the alias 'Jepp Blackman' and as part of hip-hop group Soul Connection. His deep voice is sultry, and lends itself to his smooth raps and lyrics. Yong-Guk also writes and produces songs for BAP and a lot of other artists, often featuring in them as well. Here's one of his solo songs – it's super lit.

4. LE from EXID

LE is the main rapper of the group EXID. Before that, she made her debut as a rapper with the underground group Jiggy Fellaz. She's also appeared on 'Show Me The Money 2' (a lot of idol rappers look at the show as one way of being recognized by the hip-hop community), and honestly has enough swagger to rival CL. You need more time to shine in EXID, LE!

5. Yano from Topp Dogg

Topp Dogg's maknae is often overshadowed by his hyungs (pains of being the youngest). But Yano has a strong voice, and his mixtape is just proof that this boy can do fine as a rapper all by himself. Of course you shouldn't judge him as 'Snoopy Swaggy' from Topp Dogg, because that's just embarrassing and part of being an idol. His mixtape shows a much more mature side that we're excited to see more of.

You know what I really want? To see all these idol rappers come together in a rap battle. How about that for a new show concept!

– Michelle Ng
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