WATCH: Singaporean Rap Artists Spill About The Local Hip-Hop Scene In New Documentary 'We Rep'

4 August 2017
If you live and breathe hip-hop music, this documentary will be an eye-opener for you.

Monosyllabic Pictures have just released a new documentary We Rep directed by Nicholas Eng starring Singaporean rappers such as ShiGGa Shay, THELIONCITYBOY and Tosh Rock on their journey as a rap artist in Singapore.

This documentary gives you a glimpse into the lives of two Singaporean rappers on a journey to finding their identity through their music, and how they tackle criticisms and overcome setbacks in the local hip-hop scene.

We Rep explores the growing hip-hop culture and music in the tiny red dot and showcased how these rap artists adapted to the unique Singaporean culture and made it their own.

Watch the video below as We Rep uncovers the Singaporean stories that made them who they are today:

As Singapore's National Day is just around the corner, We Rep's aptly release ties in with the country's 52nd birthday, celebrating Singapore's unique identity!

Singapore's music scene is expanding rapidly with more names surfacing on other parts of the world. We are hopeful that Singapore's hip-hop scene will gain a wider acceptance among the community.


- Vivian Eu

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