Listen To Steve Aoki’s Neon Future II Early!

5 May 2015
Steve Aoki’s new album Neon Future II is streaming on MTV, so you don’t need to wait for its May 12 release to hear his electronic take on the future.

The LP follows 2014’s original Neon Future. The two projects include cameos from famous philosophizers and scientists, who help Aoki explain his views on singularity and technology. It all comes from a guy who once told us that we’ll all be robots by 2045.

Features on this album include Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo, Snoop Lion, Moxie, Matthew Koma and Linkin Park and much more. He’s included an interlude with Kip Thorne, an astrophysicist and the executive producer on “Interstellar.” JJ Abrams, the mind behind “Lost” and the new “Star Trek” and “Star Wars” movies, provides the outro.

Listen to the stream below:

Check out this awesome Album Premiere from Steve Aoki!

1. Time Capsule (Intro)
2. I Love It When You Cry (Moxoki) – Steve Aoki & Moxie
3. Youth Dem (Turn Up) featuring Snoop Lion
4. Hysteria featuring Matthew Koma
5. Darker Than Blood featuring Linkin Park
6. Lightning Strikes – Steve Aoki and NERVO and Tony Junior
7. Tars (Interlude) featuring Kip Thorne
9. Heaven on Earth featuring Sherry St. Germain
10. Holding up the Wold featuring Harrison and Albin Myers
11. Light Years featuring Rivers Cuomo
12. Warp Speed (Outro) featuring J.J. Abrams

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