Jason Derulo Says 'There's A Lot Of Pressure' To Marry Jordin Sparks

22 April 2014
Jason Derulo said he was going to Talk Dirty with his third album, and he wasn't fooling around.

The R&B singer shows off his super sensual side on the LP, the follow-up to 2011's Future History, with not only his chart-topping single, "Talk Dirty," but with a slew of other sexy tracks.

Derulo sings about worshipping "big fat butts" on the Snoop Dogg-assisted "Wiggle," wanting to get down "With the Lights On," having ladies go for a ride on his "Zipper" and practicing a little "Kama Sutra."

So what does Derulo's long-time girlfriend Jordin Sparks think of his oh-so-sexy lyrics on the album?

"Jordin is so into it," Derulo said. "Like one day I walked in and she had the album playing and she started dancing and I was just like 'Woah where did this come from?' and she's like 'I've been practicing, I've been practicing'... I'm gonna take some twerking classes.' I was like 'Oh wow.' "

However, it's not all about the bump-and-grind on Derulo's album, the singer, who collaborates with Sparks on the song "Vertigo," also show's off his softer side with his single, "Marry Me," a song that was originally intended for Sparks' ears only.

"I was just trying to explain that we have forever, so what's the rush," Derulo said, adding that Jordin was the one who encouraged him to put it on the album.

Since the song's release, many have been wondering when Derulo will make it official with his girlfriend of over two years.

"There is a lot of pressure, and there was a lot of pressure before the song," Derulo said of being engaged. "I wrote the song because of the pressure and then I made the pressure worse because people just listen to the chorus and all they hear is 'Will you marry me?' so they're like 'Oh you're proposing' I'm like 'No.' In the song I'm saying when the time is right, I'm saying we have the rest of our lives. So the perfect time is on its way."

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