Our All Time Bad Boy Justin Bieber Is In Trouble With The Law Again

17 July 2017
Justin Bieber is in trouble with the law again – after allegedly driving while holding his phone.

The Canadian pop star has a well documented past involving bad behaviour and has previously been arrested for drag racing and Driving Under the Influence.

On Saturday it was reported that he was pulled over by cops after being spotted driving around with his phone in his hand.

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US news site TMZ broke the news – with a photo of Biebs being handed a citation for using his phone while driving - although it is unclear if he was texting or actually on the phone.

However in a sign of how much he has matured in recent years, the 'Sorry' singer was said to have been "calm and cooperative" when he was stopped by the police.

Fines for driving while using a phone in Los Angeles tend to be approximately $162 USD.

Considering Justin is reportedly worth over $220 million USD, he would probably find the fine the equivalent of loose change.

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