Get Ready: The 2018 VMAs are officially invading New York City

18 April 2018

It's official: For the first time since 2016, the VMAs are returning to New York City. The 2018 awards will hit Radio City Music Hall on August 20 after a year away in the Los Angeles sun.

But you know what heading back to the Big Apple means — it's time to celebrate!

All day Tuesday (April 17), MTV is charging through multiple city boroughs to spread the good news. After planting a flag on the moon at Radio City — the site of 12 VMA shows, including the inaugural ceremony in 1984 — the Moon Person will catch the first pitch at tonight's Mets game. And in between, there's so much sightseeing to do.

Of course, it's still only spring, and everyone knows VMA season isn't properly in full swing until the summer. We're only a few months out, though, so stay tuned to find out the 2018 nominees, performers, and everything else that goes into making the VMAs the ultimate party.

In the meantime, it's never too early to start celebrating.


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