All Time Low Get Lost 'Somewhere In Neverland'

21 March 2013
When we last left All Time Low, they were basking the glow of the Baltimore Ravens' Super Bowl victory and promising (threatening?) to dye their hair purple as a result.

No word on whether they actually did hit the Manic Panic because in the month since the Super Bowl, they've been busy filming a music video for "Somewhere In Neverland," which premiered Tuesday (March 19) on MTV. And while it's noticeably lacking in purple hair (or nods to J.M. Barrie's "Peter Pan," presumably for litigious reasons), it does see them embark on a rather fantastic journey ... on a limited budget, of course.

In "Neverland," the ATL guys escape from their boring, cubicle-heavy existence with little more that some creative use of a photocopier. They soar through the air in a hot air balloon, land on the surface of the moon, wander through continually-shifting landscapes, and still make it back in time for their lunch breaks. The clip has a hand-made, whimsical quality to it — every scrap of paper is used to maximum effect — recalling, in moments, the work of Michel Gondry and the music videos of Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris. It is also undoubtedly the first ATL video to pay homage to Georges Méliès.

Of course, like Peter Pan — to whom the song makes several references to — All Time Low are the band that refuses to grow up, so for all its artifice, "Neverland" also isn't above making a good "Xeroxing your butt" joke (or three), but really, what did you expect? Working with limited funds, they've managed to create a clip that's both funny and strangely sweet, proving that, while maturity definitely isn't their strong suit, they are still capable of showing a small amount of artistic growth. Who knows, that Joey Flacco money might be just around the corner.

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