Katy Perry Concerts are Basically Cosplay Conventions Everyone Should See

26 February 2018

With Katy Perry's Witness World Tour in full swing (Asia dates below), thousands of people have been crafting eyeballs out of rhinestones and heading to convention centers, stadiums, and concert halls with them. The popstar's shows have a "dress-up" culture built around them, turning an already colorful affair into an explosion of art and fashion. They're like cosplay conventions, except there aren't any real rules to follow.

Katy Perry's career has been synonymous with big, fun outfits since the very beginning, from her bow-tastic wedding dress in "Hot N Cold"…

…to her blue wig + cupcake bikini top combo in "California Gurls"…

…to this gloriously poofy pink gown from "Birthday"…

…and her rose-haired kween outfit in "Slave to the Rhythm".

Her concerts are no different, either. After all, who can forget that iconic Super Bowl performance (with the equally iconic Left Shark)?

And even when she's just goofing around, she still manages to rock an ensemble that's equal parts wacky and chic.

Katy's fashion sense acts like an open invite to completely let loose with whatever you're wearing, and her fans have responded with crazy energy.

And some KatyCats even go the extra mile by replicating her famous costumes, spending hours to get every last detail right:

There's more than just freedom of expression at play here, however. Katy loves how her fans dress up for her shows, and she genuinely enjoys interacting with them. In fact, she once encouraged her fans to come in costume during one Halloween show, and invited her 10 favorite outfits for a post-show hangout.

Then, there are moments like these that make all the hard work that goes into the outfits totally worth it:

Putting your "Perry best" outfit on means that you get a chance at catching her attention, and whenever Katy gets her eyes on you, you know you're going to have a good time.

At the end of the day, the dress-up culture at a Katy Perry show is all about love. It started with a love of her outfits, and it continues because of the love she gives everyone who puts on that extra effort as part of the fan community. The next time Katy's in town, grab a candy-colored wig and join in the fun.

Asia dates for Katy Perry – Witness: The Tour

03/27/2018 Tokyo
03/28/2018 Tokyo
03/30/2018 Hong Kong
04/02/2018 Manila
04/04/2018 Taipei
04/06/2018 Seoul
04/08/2018 Singapore
04/10/2018 Bangkok
04/14/2018 Jakarta

— Marco Sumayao


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