Radiating Good Vibes, Yaeji and Rad Museum discuss their music styles and origins, plus future plans

11 July 2019

Malaysia's chillest music festival, Good Vibes, is back this year for two full days of music over 20–21 July featuring a wide range of acts. From rapper duo Rae Sremmurd to hometown hero Yuna, the variety of acts is stunning.

Ahead of the festival fun, we spoke to two artists we're primed to catch – Yaeji and Rad Museum – to discuss their music approach and what's in store for them in the coming months.

Korean- American producer Yaeji has fast become known for her music that's quirky and original yet still accessible and danceable. Mixing pop, hip hop and dance influences into a melting pot of sheer fun, she's set to perform for the first time on these shores and we can't wait. 

MTV Asia: It's been a while since you released 'EP2'. How've you been and what have you been doing? 

Yaeji: I've been touring and writing. A bit of resting and incubating too. There's so much for me to absorb, process, and actualize that the whole thing feels like a long continuous journey. 

My favorite part about this time period is being at home in New York, keeping up with the ones I love, doing things and visiting places that I used to before music became full time—things that help me feel rooted and balanced. 

I also built a studio/office space that is now the Yaeji HQ. Being in the new studio has been great!

What does your second EP, 'EP2', mean to you? 

EP2 was special for me. It helped me reach and connect with so many people I never imagined would find my music. It also feels like a baby to me, in the sense that it was put out when I was still learning a lot about producing and finding my sonic identity. In many ways I'm still learning about these things, but I feel like I've evolved from EP2.

Your musical style highlights underground electronic roots in a very house/pop inspired beat. Where do you draw your musical inspiration from? 

My musical influences come from many different places. I remember growing up in Korea and spending a lot of time on the internet in middle and high school, finding Korean and Japanese electronica artists that were trying really refreshing takes on jazz and dance music. In college, the radio station at WRCT helped me find underground dance music and experimental genres I've never encountered before. 

But all throughout, I've had never-ending love for hip hop and R&B. That's maybe the most consistent thing that's been a favorite for me. But just as house and pop music takes influence from many other predecessors, I think my music is an amalgamation of many things I loved throughout my life.

Do you have any plans to try something new with your music that you haven't tried before?

I think I'm always trying new things. As I study more about production and sound design I feel like my sonic palette is ever-growing. When I write music it's usually not only about the song-writing, but also about the tweaking, designing, and molding of different sounds.

What can fans expect from your performance at Good Vibes Festival 2019?

It will be my first time bringing my live set to Asia! It's such a special tour for me, almost like homecoming. I love Asia, I'm from Asia, and I'm finally connecting with my people. The set will be all Yaeji releases DJed and performed by me.

What message do you hope your fans can get out of your music?

I hope my music continues to feel approachable and relatable. Thank you for listening

Next we had a chat with Korean R&B artist Rad Museum, who last hit our shores in November 2018 with his musical protégés Dean, Jay Park and Simon Dominic.

MTV Asia: It's been a while since you released your first EP 'Scene'. How have you been and what have you been doing?

Rad Museum: Since I dropped my first EP 'Scene', I have been doing shows and festivals in LA, London, Paris, and more. I have also been working on first studio album too.

What is your favourite track in your first EP and why?

'Cloud'. I just feel good when I listen to that song.

Can you tell us about your name 'Rad Museum' and how did you come up with it?

I went by the name 'Camper' for my alter-ego as a graphic designer. I have since changed my name because I want to do comprehensive art not only music and graphic design. Museum is a place or platform where various arts of high quality are collected and I wanted to align that meaning with myself and through my name because I want to exhibit various forms of art through my life like a museum. There are many kinds of museum but I want to be a 'Rad' museum.

Not only do you do music production, you're also very skilled in graphic illustrations, tattoo art and interior design. Where did you learn design from?

I have drawn paintings since when I was a kid and I majored in visual design at college.

Do you have any plans to try something new with your music that you haven't tried before? Something more experimental?

My first studio album will be much more experimental and will give you a chance to witness new sound. My first EP 'Scene' is just a small part of what I want to do.

Who are you looking forward to collaborate with to make music in the future?

I have lots of foreign artists I want to work with. I will have the opportunity to work with 'you.will.knovv' in my upcoming projects.

What can fans expect from your performance at Good Vibes Festival 2019?

A good vibe performance that everyone can enjoy.

What message do you hope your fans can get out of your music?

I hope people can draw up a 'scene' when they listen to the tracks of the EP [Scene]. And I hope they can feel the entire mood of my track, not just its sound, so that can feel like they are in the scenes I created through my music. Use five senses not only your ears.

Catch Yaeji and Rad Museum, along with Rae Sremmurd, 6LACK, Anna Lunoe, Cashmere Cat, Cigarettes After Sex, Daniel Caesar, Jess Connelly & many more at Good Vibes Festival 2019, 20–21 July at The Ranch at Gohtong Jaya, Genting Highlands in Malaysia. Tickets are sold out – SOBS! More deets at www.goodvibesfestival.com


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