Meet All 18 Members of NCT – Our Asia Spotlight Artist!

1 March 2018
In the two years since their debut, the rise to stardom of Korean boyband NCT has been nothing short of astounding. They've conquered the airwaves with their singles "Chewing Gum," "The 7th Sense," and "Cherry Bomb," and they're kicking off 2018 with their highly anticipated comeback, featuring three new and exciting members. Their latest album, NCT 2018, launches this month (March 2018), and features every single member on its tracks for the first time ever. That's why we're featuring them as our MTV Asia Spotlight artist for March and April.

Introducing NCT, our Asia Spotlight artist!

NCT, of course, consists of a lot of talented boys. There are currently 18 members of NCT, and three teams formed by its members: NCT U, NCT 127, and NCT DREAM. You can expect even more stars to join their ranks in the coming years, as the group is envisioned to be the first boyband to have unlimited members.

Before that happens, though, here's your chance to get to know all 18 talents that are currently on the NCT roster. We'll be updating this page as each member's Asia Spotlight video is rolled out, so bookmark and check back regularly!

Introducing TAEYONG!

With his pierced lip and fierce eyes, it's easy to get a little intimidated by TAEYONG. That gruff exterior hides an incredibly warm heart, however, and coupled with his sense of perfectionism, he's a natural fit to be NCT's leader. You'll usually spot him wearing a snapback hat during his performances with NCT U and NCT 127, mostly because it helps keep his hair out of his face. If it's raining, though, you're more likely to see him indoors, napping to the patter of raindrops.

Introducing JAEHYUN!

NCT U and NCT 127's resident "Valentine's Boy" isn't just named that for his luck with the ladies; JAEHYUN was born on Valentine's Day itself. That nickname comes in handy whenever he busts out a few sexy moves as one of the group's lead dancers. On the flip side, JAEHYUN's also got quite the collection of famous friends, as he's buddies with DK, Mingyu, and The8 from Seventeen; Bambam and Yugyeom from GOT7; and Jungkook from BTS.

Introducing JUNGWOO!

Keen-eyed Kpop fans have probably already spotted JUNGWOO in YESUNG's video for "Paper Umbrella". These days, he's one of NCT U's new main vocalists, making his debut with the group in 2018. He's a big-time soccer fan and avid supporter of Manchester City. Whenever he and the boys eat, he usually gets bigger portions, thanks to his huge appetite!

Introducing WINWIN!

China-born WINWIN may be one of NCT U's and NCT 127's lead dancers, but there's more to his moves than what you see on stage. He's also a graduate of The Central Academy of Drama, and is rather skilled in traditional Chinese dance. Hanging out with him sometimes means chilling with his two lovely dogs, Penny and Figure. And if you happen to catch him sleeping, don't be surprised if he's dozing with his eyes open – it happens a lot!

Introducing TEN!

Thailand-born TEN loves chocolate. Seriously. He's listed chocolate cake, chocolate pudding and dark chocolate as three of his favorite foods, so it's safe to say he's a bit of a chocoholic. Thankfully, NCT U's lead rapper and main dancer has a few sporty hobbies to burn of all that sugar – he's an avid surfer, snowboarder and basketball player.

Introducing JISUNG!

At only 16 years old, JISUNG is the current maknae (youngest member) of the group. That only makes his popping and locking as one of NCT DREAM's main dancers all the more impressive, as he displays a polish beyond his age. Fans have noticed his unusually large hands, which he says are "magic" because he tends to break everything he touches!

Introducing JAEMIN!

As one of NCT DREAM's lead dancers and rappers, JAEMIN is a dynamo onstage. Having attended the School of Performing Arts in Seoul, he's not only a talented dancer, but knows his way around a piano, too. When he's not performing, he likes to keep active with a few games of badminton.

Introducing YUTA!

Dog-loving YUTA is a native of Osaka Japan, and is a big fan of takoyaki, a Japanese snack with battered octopus. He loves it so much, in fact, that people often call the NCT 127 rapper and vocalist the "Takoyaki Prince". He's also a huge soccer fan, and has more than a few skills on the field. If you're thinking of dating him, make sure you're at least 15cm shorter than he is – he likes petite girls.

Introducing HAECHAN!

Bookish-looking HAECHAN proves that you shouldn't be judging anyone by their appearances whenever he busts out his moves as one of NCT 127's and NCT DREAM's lead dancers. He's also one of the group's mood-makers, letting his personality shine whenever they're together. A lot of the boys say he's one of the best people to live with, as he's always cleaning the dorm.

Introducing CHENLE!

If ever there were someone who seemed destined to become a Kpop star, it's CHENLE. The NCT DREAM main vocalist made his debut after only two months of training, which speaks volumes about his talent and performance skills. The China-born singer really enjoys fried eggs: he cooks and eats about four a day! Maybe that's his secret?

Introducing TAEIL!

Anyone who lists "meat" as his favorite food is bound to get along with a lot of folks. NCT U and NCT 127 main vocalist TAEIL is also a huge fan of SHINee and Kim Bum Soo, and probably wouldn't mind geeking out over them with his fans. The Seoul native is a talented guitarist, as fellow NCT members—and his roommates WINWIN and YUTA—would attest.

Introducing KUN!

One of the newer faces in NCT, KUN comes with an impressive musical pedigree. The Fujian-born performer graduated from the Beijing Contemporary Music Institute, and can tickle the ivories really well. He was announced as one of SM's new batch of rookies back in December 2015, and is finally ready to make a splash with his debut a little over two years later.

Introducing JOHNNY!

NCT 127 lead rapper and dancer JOHNNY has been training for Kpop stardom since 2007, when he joined SM Entertainment's Global Audition in his hometown, Chicago. He co-hosts NCT's radio show, Night Night, with JAEHYUN, and was fondly nicknamed "Everybody's Oppa" by his fellow band members. He's buddies with EXO's KAI, CHANYEOL, SEHUN and SUHO, having trained with them before their debut.

Introducing LUCAS!

LUCAS may have been born and raised in China, but he gets his love of spicy food from his Thai mother. Growing up in a multicultural household has made him able to speak multiple languages, including Cantonese, English and Korean. He's really into PC gaming, but that will have to take a backseat to performing for now, as he's set to debut with NCT U in 2018.

Introducing DOYOUNG!

Korea TV fans might recognize DOYOUNG from the reality show Lipstick Prince, where he won challenges for creating Christmas Party and Barbie Doll make-up looks. Showbiz actually runs in his blood: his brother, actor Gong Myung, was nominated for awards for his roles in TV's Drinking Solo and the one-shot The Happy Loner. Standing at 180cm, DOYOUNG is one of the taller members of NCT U and NCT 127, but he stands out as much for his talent as he does for his stature.

Introducing RENJUN!

If you ever need anyone to draw Moomin for you, RENJUN is your man. The NCT DREAM lead vocalist lists drawing the character as one of his favorite hobbies. Another thing he's passionate about is beef hotpot, and he one day hopes to travel to China with his fellow NCT DREAM members so that they can enjoy his favorite dish together.

Introducing JENO!

NCT DREAM lead dancer JENO is a multi-talented performer, as proficient with the violin as he is in acting. He's also quite skilled with a guitar, as seen in episodes of MY SMT with NCT DREAM and NCT LIFE. It seems that the only thing he can't do is hang out with cats, as he's allergic to them. That hasn't stopped his family from owning three fuzzy felines, though!

Introducing MARK!

MARK is an NCT member through and through, performing as part of all three current teams: NCT U, NCT 127 and NCT DREAM. As a native of Vancouver, Canada, he's fluent in both English and Korean. In fact, JAEHYUN says that MARK sometimes raps in his sleep in both languages!

With such an eclectic mix of personalities, NCT is one of the most entertaining Kpop groups yet. You'll have your chance to swoon over each and every one of them throughout March and April, as we cover the group in-depth as our Asia Spotlight artist. Keep it tuned to MTV Asia for a very special double-month of NCT!

— Marco Sumayao


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