Is The Black Label Getting Ready to Launch a New Girl Group?

21 February 2018

Rumor has it that The Black Label is getting ready to develop a new girl group. What makes this such a big deal is that The Black Label is headed by producer Teddy Park, the genius behind Big Bang's "Sunset Glow", 2NE1's "Can't Nobody", and BLACKPINK albums Square One and Square Two. The rumors started flying around ever since the label was linked to 17-year old America-based performer Julie Han in December 2017, and went on full throttle after a fan account tweeted an alleged leak about auditions taking place in 2018.

While the prospect of Park putting together a brand-new girl group is definitely something to get excited about, there is still no official word about Julie Han being signed into the label, or of any auditions taking place. In fact, The Black Label's most recent post on Instagram is more focused on promoting Zion T.'s upcoming concert with Heize:

Still, there's a reason rumors like these start in the first place. And it certainly helps that the alleged Black Label trainee, Julie Han, looks and sounds a lot like BLACKPINK's Jennie, making her exactly the type of artist Park would enjoy working with:


Rumor or not, it looks like fans really want to see what The Black Label can do with its own girl group. Even if there aren't any immediate plans for one, Park should pay attention to all the clamoring.

— Marco Sumayao


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