Easy to pick up, hard to master: the basics of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive | Got Game

23 September 2019

By Julius Tabios

So you think Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) looks cool, but it's too complex to get into? Fret not, because it's actually really easy to pick up, and it's also free-to-play! Here's the lowdown for taking your first steps into CS:GO.

The Objectives

Every match of CS:GO pits two teams of five (the Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists) against one another. There are varying objectives for each side depending on the map, but if you're really trigger-happy you can win simply by killing all members of the enemy team. But the most common scenario in competitive is the Terrorists needing to plant a bomb while the Counter-Terrorists defend and defuse the bomb if necessary.

The Approach

No two matches of CS:GO ever pan out in the same way, because every player and team will approach the objectives differently. Do you simply want to go guns blazing and charge the objective as fast as possible, or go for a slow, methodical push? Some gamers like to divide and conquer, while others opt to stick together. CS:GO is best played with friends, because communication is key!

Mastering the Guns

The game has a huge smorgasbord of different guns, grenades and quality of life equipment. Each of the 34 guns has a fire rate, recoil, bullet penetration and damage, so be sure to learn a gun before trying it out in multiplayer. Figuring out if you're better off with a shotgun or sniper rifle can be a highly daunting task, but it's part of the journey in learning this wonderful game!

Stay Frosty

CS:GO can really test your nerves, so approach every match with a calm mind. Even more than in other games, you should never play tilted, as it will ruin the game for yourself and teammates. To keep yourself calm and cool, try these simple tactics:

  1. Because sound is very important in the game, be sure to walk (holding the Shift key by default), or else you might give away your squad's position before the fights even begin. Don't be that careless player that just runs ahead of everyone!
  2. Never use a gun you've had no practice with. Just because the AK-47 is a fan fav, doesn't mean you can just pick it up and shoot like a pro.
  3. Resist the urge to peek around corners. Take your time and feel it out – patience is a virtue in CS:GO!
  4. Use your grenades: smokes and flash bangs can change the flow of a firefight. If you know where the enemy is, lob up that high-explosive grenade to force them out of their cover. Timing is key!

Fast-Paced Fun

CS:GO is very easy to get into, and even easier to install. The game is not very hardware-intensive, so most PCs can run it very efficiently. Download the Steam client, create an account and look for CS:GO in the store. If you want to start shooting as soon as possible then just hop on a casual match to get into the action right away. Once you're feeling more confident in your abilities, try the ranked play in competitive, but be prepared to spend 20–60 minutes on this one!

Progressing in CS:GO as a player can be difficult, but put in the effort and you'll be hitting headshots on reflex before you know it!

Wanna catch some high-level CS:GO action and learn from the best in the region? Check out the Grand Finals of the Asia-Pacific Omen Challenger Series 2019, set to hit Jakarta on November 1–3. The top twelve teams will compete for their share of the US$50,000 prize pool. Visit omengaming.co for more info


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