Rappers Fariz Jabba, Yung Raja and Zamaera dominate at Culture Cartel 2018 | Yo! MTV Raps

21 December 2018

We did it for the culture.

At Culture Cartel, Singapore's newest street culture festival, the new era of Yo! MTV Raps was unleashed upon an unsuspecting crowd. On December 2nd some friends dropped in for a pop-up performance to showcase the power and grit of Asian hip-hop.

Dynamic Singaporean duo Fariz Jabba and Yung Raja turned up for a collaborative performance with 'More Better', while flexing their individual chops with 'Ape Sia' and 'Mustafa' respectively.

Fariz Jabba & Yung Raja - "More Better" (Live at Culture Cartel 2018) | Yo! MTV Raps

Fariz Jabba - "Ape Sia" (Live at Culture Cartel 2018) | Yo! MTV Raps

Yung Raja - "Mustafa" (Live at Culture Cartel 2018) | Yo! MTV Raps

Then Zamaera, Malaysia’s fast-rising rap prodigy, started a party in the crowd with ‘Helly Kelly’.

Zamaera - "Helly Kelly" (Live at Culture Cartel 2018) | Yo! MTV Raps

In related news (and shameless self-promotion), Yo! MTV Raps recently clinched the award for 'Best Music and Dance Programme' at the inaugural Asian Academy Creative Awards, beating six regional contenders.

Yo! MTV Raps is set to return with even more in store for 2019. In the meantime, check out this year's full episode of the Yo! MTV Raps special right here:

Yo! MTV Raps (full show) ft. Yung Raja, Jessi, Joe Flizzow, SonaOne, Zamaera and more!


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