Ok So Is Kylie Jenner Engaged To Travis Scott Or Jordyn Woods?

9 March 2018

It's been a wild few months for Kylie Jenner. 

Not only has she become a mumma for the first time, but we're now facing the possibility of an engagement!!! Woah!!!

my angel baby is 1 month old today

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Today Kylie snapped a picture of her left hand with a gold band on her wedding finger. The ring showed the initials "JW" and she wrote the caption "Jacques Webster & Jordyn Woods. Real Ones, Ok.."

Ok of course we are jumping to conclusions because that's what we do. On first thought you gotta think she's engaged to her beau Travis Scott. But then we know she's got a close relationship with Jordyn Woods too.

Hold up - are they a throuple?!

All jokes aside it looks like this is just a sweet gift from her baby daddy and best friend, which they apparently designed at jewellery store, XIV Karats in Beverly Hills.

Buuuuuuut surely now they're parents an engagement announcement is coming soon. We're waiting....


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