Steve Aoki And Machine Gun Kelly Team Up To ‘Free The Madness’: Stream It Now!

19 June 2014
From Kid Cudi to Pharrell, Steve Aoki is no stranger to hip-hop. Today (June 18), you can check out his latest cross-genre single exclusively here. “Free The Madness,” featuring Machine Gun Kelly is classic Aoki, with high energy and a consistently upbeat tempo, layered with MGK’s quick and curt verses.

MTV News caught up with Aoki to get deets on the album, and he explained the art of a good collaboration is all about balance.

“You can write instrumentals and have rappers or singers jump on them, but it’s not quite done yet until you hear what they’re doing to the song and … there’s gotta be some sort of balance between your world and their world,” he said. “And that’s kind of like the fun, exciting part of finding that place.”

The first part of Aoki’s album Neon Future is due out August 12 and features several other A-list collaborators like Fall Out Boy and Wacka Flocka Flame. Four days after his album release, the DJ/producer has another milestone lined up: playing his first show at Madison Square Garden.

What do you think of the single? Tell us in the comments!

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