Just Tattoo of Us spoiler: Ash storms out after bear jokes about sex with his ex

5 June 2017
Any Ex On The Beach fan (or Celebrity Big Brother enthusiast) will know that Stephen Bear's middle name is actually 'wind-up'.

So really, it's no surprise that when his ex, Chloe Khan, comes into the Just Tattoo Of Us studio with her new boyfriend, Ex On The Beach star Ashley Cain (Ash), in tonight's episode, it takes Bear all of about three seconds to start pushing their buttons, eventually taking things too far and causing Ash to STORM OUT.


Just Tattoo Of Us 105 | Ashley STORMS OUT After Bear Takes His Chloe Jokes Too Far

Seriously, was Bear a jack-in-a-box in a past life, because his wind up skills are unlike anything we've EVER seen?

In a spoiler video for the upcoming episode (airing TONIGHT at 10pm on MTV), we see Bear playing the part of court jester, teasing Ashley as he gets his mystery tattoo: "All I'm gonna say is good luck on your journey 'cause love my friend, it's a scary path and after you see that tattoo Ash, 'cause it's a bad one (sic).

"Mate, I'm saying her design looks like you had a bit of a falling out to me."

As Charlotte Crosby comes into the room to make sure Bear hasn't wound up ALL of his fishing line yet, the prankster continues his jibes, telling Ashley: "She's stitched you up a little bit Ash, I'll be honest with you mate, I don't know what's happened between you and her. Look, it's not my business. Ash, I think you've been mugged off mate."

Despite Charlotte admitting away from the room that watching Bear at work is 'so awkward', her co-host continues, joking: "Look, I'm single mate and judging by that, I think you're single now, mate."

UH-OH. We don't know about you, but our sixth sense is warning us that things about about to GO DOWN!

Taking the final and most BRUTAL blow yet as he continues on his mission to get Ashley to lose his temper, Bear adds: "I've got nothing to do with that (tattoo), I didn't put no thoughts in her head for that, okay?

"And you say she hasn't got a bad bone in her body Ash, she had mine in the showers."


Expressing her shock away from all the tension, Charlotte says: "That's the girl he loves man, and you're talking about banging her in the shower… I can't believe what Bear's just said. Ash is ready to blow."

Finally hitting back, Ash tells him: "Yous are constantly talking the p*ss that's it, that's what's p*ssing me off, you don't need to take the p*ss now, I'm being deadly serious (sic).

"It's one topic and one topic only and that's not what it's about and I think you're mugging me off."

Charlotte then quickly removes herself from the situation, closely followed by Bear, before a totally FOAMIN' Ash decides he's had more than enough, storming out of the studio and warning: "Anything else and watch. Literally anything else. I'm not having him mug me off, I don't get mugged off by nobody so I ain't getting f**king mugged off in here, trust me on that, I'm not even f**king about (sic).

"Don't antagonise me in here, and that's real talk, it's not a p*ss-take thing, cause it will go off, not even lying. He says one more thing to me and I'm gonna smash this f**king place up."

EEK. Find out what happens next in brand new Just Tattoo Of Us, TONIGHT at 10pm (SG/PH) 11pm (MAL) 9pm (WIB) - only on MTV!

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