Justin Bieber just punched a guy at Coachella for assaulting a woman

16 April 2018

ICYMI, Coachella kicked off over the weekend...but there's already drama.

Justin Bieber has reportedly punched a man in the face after he was seen choking a woman.

According to TMZ, Justin was a Coachella party on Saturday when a man who appeared to be on drugs "went ballistic" and grabbed a woman, believed to be his ex-girlfriend, by the throat.

Apparently, the man refused to let go despite demands from the singer and his friend. Justin then punched the man in the face in an attempt to free the woman from his grip.

The man was kicked out of the party and arrested later when he was seen chasing an SUV while screaming Justin's name.

No word from Justin's camp on the drama, but sounds like Coachella is off to a very tense start.


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