Pics: Crib delivery spotted at Kylie Jenner's mansion!

18 January 2018
Is Kylie Jenner pregnant? We are 99% sure she is though.

Some say she's Kim Kardashian's surrogate (very doubtful), some say she's using the pregnancy to go off the grid and some say she's not pregnant at all.

But then why is a crib being delivered to your house Ky?

We would totally accept if this is a gift for her sister Khloe who has confirmed her pregnancy, or even intended for Kim's baby girl that arrived this week.

But then why set it up at Kylie's house? With security guards nearby watching over the assembling?

These new pics, along with Kris alluding to a traitorous employee attempting to take pics of Kylie in the latest KUWTK, it must be only a matter of time before the family make the announcement.

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