Watch: SEGA's 'Two Point Hospital' is the next 'Theme Hospital' game you need to look out for

18 January 2018
If you are a big fan of the classic PC fave 'Theme Hospital', you're in for a big treat as SEGA has announced the release of the game's spirtual successor 'Two Point Hospital'!

At the start of the year, SEGA has teased about a possible revival of EA's hospital simulation game, 'Theme Hospital'. And after much anticipation, SEGA has finally released a date and an official trailer of Two Point Hospital, coming late 2018!

Watch the trailer!

Two Point Hospital is made by a company in the UK called Two Point Studios – yeap, some of them are the geniuses behind the sim game Theme Park and Fable.

If you've not heard of 'Theme Hospital' or 'Two Point Hospital' – this PC game allows you to design your own hospital, hire and manage your staff, and treat patients with really special diagnosis.

Two Point Hospital will be "packed with the humor, charm, and replayability fans of the genre have come to expect," says SEGA and Two Point studios.


We aren't sure if they will be bringing back some of Theme Hospital's hilarious diagnosis such as 'Slack Tongue Disease' or the 'Bloated head' disease. Looking at the announcement trailer, we know that we can expect a new diagnosis – 'Bulb head' disease maybe?

You can play now pre-register by signing up for exclusive rewards and in-game items and play Two Point Hospital using your Steam account on its release in 2018.

I will be looking out for more updates of 'Two Point Hospital' because seriously, it's time to bring back this PC classic and be a hero again!

- Vivian Eu

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