Mission: Impossible — Fallout trailer reminds us why we love spy blockbusters in the first place

16 May 2018

The same could be said for most Mission: Impossible sequels, but it bears repeating: the stakes have never been higher.

And for the franchise's star Tom Cruise, it's hard to imagine he's running strong on his sixth M:I instalment, 22 years since its big-screen debut. The 55-year-old Tom Cruise barely looks 45 and he's performing stunts that amp up the death-defying factor with each film.

The trailer for the upcoming Mission: Impossible – Fallout shows Cruise as superspy Ethan Hunt attempting to evade shadowy assassin August Walker (played by Henry Cavill), disgruntled former allies and a possible global catastrophe.

Hunt is no stranger to being the hunted (ayy) but Fallout demonstrates that, despite his experience, nothing has prepared him for something like this.

It looks big, loud and explosive — like every Mission: Impossible film should be. We're more than willing to put aside our superheroes for more espionage action.

P.S. that mustache right there on Henry Cavill's face? That's the reason we ended up with those weird Superman closeup shots in Justice League.

Mission: Impossible — Fallout will be released in cinemas in late-July.


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